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Oscars 2020 Will Go Hostless Yet Again

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Another year, another hostless Oscars. The 92nd Academy Awards will go hostless yet again as ABC president announced in front of the press. While speaking at the Television Critics Association, Karey Burke revealed that Oscars 2020 will have “no traditional host this year.” So, is going hostless better than this year’s Golden Globes 2020 where Ricky Gervais held an awkward and rather political hosting?

Hostless 2020 Oscars Coming On February 9

According to what The Hollywood Reporter is talking about, it was in March Creative Space where they interviewed Burke and asked about the upcoming awards. Back then, the president claimed that the channel was in a discussion with the Oscars and was pleased to see the ratings of the previous hostless awards. Therefore, it was apparent since then that ABC would move to do another such event the next time as well.

“Odds are you’ll see us repeating what we consider to be a successful formula.”

The Oscars 2020 will bring on Lynette Howell Taylor and Stephanie Allain to produce the event. Interestingly, they are also two of the nominations featuring in the show itself. Last year, Kevin Hart stepped down from Oscars after his old tweets resurfaced the Internet. Apparently, the future host of that show had expressed homophobic sentiments and anti-gay terminologies. After stepping down, the Academy decided it was better to go without a host rather than bringing on someone else.

Karey said that the Academy promised that the show will be three hours long only. Since that is the main goal now, the producers decided that it is better to go hostless. This way the show will be able to shed more light over presenters and the winners as well.

In the previous years, we have seen Jon Stewart, Ellen DeGeneres, Jimmy Kimmel, Hugh Jackman, Steve Martin, and Alec Baldwin host the show. It is only recently that the awards have decided on going hostless. Oscar 2020 will now follow the steps of the previous show.

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