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Shows To Watch After You Season 2

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Binge-watching is definitely better than torturing our brains every week for the next episode, and the next, and the next. However, binge-watching also means that you spend 8-10 hours watching your best show and then waiting for a whole year until you get the next season. Take Netflix’s You, for example. We finished the whole season ASAP and now that we are done wondering who is Joe’s neighbor, we needed something to watch to get the same adrenalin going. If you liked You season 1 and season 2, then you should watch these shows as well. It’s safe to say these shows won’t give you indigestion issues.

What Shows To Watch After You

There is a huge list of shows you can watch after finishing You season 2. However, not every show will give you the same creeps or goosebumps. The majority of that credit goes to Penn Badgley and his Joe Goldberg character. Here are some of the shows we have gathered that can give you, more or less, the creeps and goosebumps like You did.

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Shows To Watch After You | The Fall

If you do not know this guy from Once Upon A Time then you might remember him from Fifty Shades of Grey Trilogy. Yes, it’s Mr.Grey himself in a very different role. Jamie Dornan plays the role of a serial killer, Paul Spector, on the loose. And no one suspects him because well, no one does initially at least. I am not going to tell why because that is going to spoil the whole show for you. Originally a BBC Show, The Fall is also available on Netflix. The show has only 3 seasons, however, Netflix only has 2 in some regions.

Other main characters include Archie Punjabi, Gillian Anderson (X-Files) and John Lynch. And it is an award-winning show.


If anyone else is living a double life like Joe Goldberg or DC Comics Superheroes, it’s Dexter Morgan from the TV Series Dexter. Played by Michael C. Hall, Dexter is a blood-spatter analyst for Miami Police in the daytime whereas; a serial killer at night. But who is this Dexter guy killing anyways? Watch to find out as he solves the crimes and commits them at the same time. Other cast members include Jennifer Carpenter, James Remar, and David Zayas.

Dexter has many awards to its name, including 2 Golden Globes. When you start watching Dexter, you’ll have 8 seasons with 96 episodes. That’ll keep you busy for a good time.

Shows To Watch After You | Dirty John

Presenting Dirty John after Dirty Joe, get ready for the roller-coaster ride. Eric Bana plays the antagonist character of John Meehan. It is a true-crime series and that alone should give you goosebumps.

Connie Britton plays Debra Newell who falls for John Meehan. However, she soon finds out that her romantic life is spiraling into secrets, manipulations, and survival. That does sound like what Joe Goldberg of You would do, right?

Dirty John is a newer show as compared to the other two recommendations. Its second season is still not out yet.


Oh boy, let’s talk about what to watch after You and get insomniac for real. When teenagers from the working-class get admitted to an elite school in Spain, things are bound to get crazy murderous. The clash between the working-class and the middle-class leads to some shocking twists. There are some crazy love triangles going on and they result in dangerous consequences. Just like You, you’ll find out what love can actually compel you to do! Like Dirty John, this show is newer as well. Two seasons of Elite are already out while the 3rd one is in production. It is a Spanish TV series on Netflix. So there is no excuse why you cannot spare some time to watch it.

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