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How You Can Donate To Combat Australian Wildfires?

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Since September, Australia is in crisis at the hands of the worst wildfire seen in decades. The Australian wildfires are spreading widely and showing no signs of stopping. 27 people have lost their lives and more than 2000 homes and 12.35 million acres of land are already destroyed or damaged. Wildlife and animals are dying at a large scale. More than 800 million animals are dead and koala bears are at the risk of extinction. This is an emergency and Australia needs all the help to combat it. If you want to donate funds or somehow help, then keep reading.

Donate wisely for Australian wildfires

There are a number of scams going around claiming to help Australian wildfires. This includes fake crowd-funding websites. Some people are even going door-to-door to collect funds. It is fairly easy to fall for fraud at times like this.

Don’t give money or resources without researching. You should know which organization you’re donating to and make sure it is legit. We also have a list of reputable organizations that are working for the cause.

Australian Red Cross

One organization you can donate to is the Australian Red Cross Disaster Relief and Recovery Fund. They have sent 1285 staff members and volunteers to help the communities affected by the Australian wildfires. They provide support, shelter, and resources in the evacuation centers.

Even emergency grants are provided for those needing immediate help.

You can also donate other goods to the Red Cross, apart from money. Clothing or household goods are also accepted. You can join them as a volunteer yourself.

More organizations collecting funds/ money

If you have the money you’d like to contribute, you can also donate it to Salvation Army Australia or St. Vincent de Paul Society.

To help the animals

Animals are currently in extreme danger because of the Australian wildfires. To help protect and save animals, you can contact the following.

There is a group called WIRES that stands for Wildlife Information Rescue and Education Services. A GoFundMe fundraiser has also been created  by the organization.

You can also get in touch with RSPCA of New South Wales, Vets Beyond Borders or The Port Macquarie Koala Hospital.

THE WWF, World Wildlife Fund is a global organization that is also working for the endangered animals in Australia.

To help firefighters

The firefighters in Australia are working tirelessly and under a lot of danger. They need our support and resources to help them fight the Australian wildfires.

If you want to send donations for the firefighters, you can contact Country Fire Authority and the NSW Rrural Fire Service and Brigades Donations Fund.

Important to remember while donating

It’s always better to donate in cash rather than sending out goods. This is because it is easier for organizations to manage the funds logistically. It also saves them from storage or space issues so they prefer it.

Also, it’s best to donate directly rather than through someone else. It’s best to find the right organization and donate to an established partner.

Lets all be generous and help the affectees of Australian wildfires.

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