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Sex Education Season 2 Trailer | What it Tells Us

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After much anticipation, Netflix’s Sex Education season 2 trailer has finally arrived. The upcoming season of the British teen show is coming on January 17th, 2020. With just 7 days left, let’s see what the season 2 trailer could tell us about the characters. There’s so much adventure our main gang will go through!

Otis (Asa Butterfield) and Maeve (Emma Mackey)

Ever since the start of the first episode of Sex Education, we knew there was something going on between Otis and Maeve. Though, before Maeve could finally confess her feelings for Otis, we see him kissing Ola (Patricia Allison).

This is heartbreaking for the fans who were shipping Otis and Maeve since the first episode. Even Riverdale’s KJ Apa was disappointed about this! However, Sex Education season 2 may be different.

Otis and Ola | Possible Step Singlings in the Future

It’s also revealed that Otis’s mum (legendary Gillian Anderson) and Ola’s father Jakob are in a romantic relationship with each other. Yes, that essentially means that if they end up marrying, Otis and Ola would become step-siblings.

No one can fall in love with their possible step-sibling, so I’m guessing the Ola and Otis will probably break things off. Plus, Maeve and Otis’ longing glances at each other in the trailer is a good hint too.

I have nothing against Ola by the way. But, Otis and Maeve are OTP!

Moving on to my personal favorite character, Eric (Ncuti Gatwa).

Eric Gets stuck in a love triangle with Adam and new French student

If you’ve seen the show, you would agree with one thing. Eric deserved better! He had to endure a lot of pain just because of his unique identity and sexual orientation. Struggling to find anyone to actually understand him, he gets stuck with detention with his bully Adam (Connor Swindells).

But in true teen show fashion, there’s a twist! Adam actually is a closeted gay and turns out, he has feelings for Eric. The two shared an intimate kiss in Sex Education season 1. Unfortunately, Adam is shipped off to military school by his dad (who’s a bit of an asshole by the way).

In Sex Education season 2 trailer, we see that there’s a hot new French guy, Sami Outalbali, in their school. The new guy is actually interested in Eric! Finally, Eric getting the love and attention he deserves. But uh-oh. What about Adam?

We see Adam come back to town and have his heart break when Eric and Sami’s character are on a sweet date.

I don’t know what will happen for sure but a love triangle will certainly ensue.

Ola and Lily Become Friends

We see an unlikely friendship blossom between Lily (Tanya Reynolds) and Ola. Lily was adamant about losing her virginity in Sex Education season 1. But none of her endeavors were successful.

With help from Otis, Lily realizes that she does not have to feel pressured to lose her virginity before college. Hence, she focuses more on honing her creativity and forming friendships with new people like Ola.

Sex Education Business Back in Business Whilst Chlamydia is in the air

The shocking twist in season 2 is that Otis’ mom Gillian Anderson is now the school’s therapist. That does mean she can assist all the students with their troubles in sexual intimacy. However, we see that there is a rise in chlamydia and everyone is panicking.

Since Otis is their peer and he’s tried and tested, everyone is relying on him for help. Maeve and Otis are teaming up again to restart their business but this time they have more incentives than just money.

Progressive Tone in Sex Education Season 2!

People loved the show when it premiered. It wasn’t just because of the interesting storyline or the impeccable cast it has. But it was also because of the progressive tone and themes that the show carefully portrayed on our screens.

Just remember the abortion line where Maeve’s experience was shown in a highly responsible and nuanced way. The show ultimately aims to break taboos regarding sex and urges teenagers to be more vocal about their intimacy issues so as to resolve them and have a healthier lifestyle.

The creator of the show Laurie Nunn opens up about the theme of the show:

We just had all these incredible, open conversations about what information we would have like to have seen on TV as teenagers. Through that and through those conversations, we realized it’s pretty universal in terms of those really awkward, kind of cringe-worthy conversations that you can’t really have with your parents or your teachers or your peers, but it is really essential in order for you to have healthy and open relationships with other people.

Release Date

Sex Education season 2 release date is 17th January 2020.

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