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Conan O’Brien and Big Mouth’s Nick Kroll Give A Sex-Ed Class

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When a class of teenagers is in need of a sex-ed class, who better to give the lecture than a duo of Conan O’Brien and Nick Kroll? The ‘Big Mouth’ creator and star teamed up with O’Brien in hopes to lecture a class of teenagers the to-dos and not-to-dos of sexual anatomy. Since the show, ‘Big Mouth’, itself is all about horniness, mistakes, sexual jokes, and other related shenanigans, Conan invited Nick to a class in Burbank. Let’s take a look!

Conan O’Brien Lectures Students About Human Anatomy

Before the duo walked into the classroom, Conan O’Brien introduced Nick Kroll to the audience. The creator of ‘Big Mouth’ is known for creating a show about a kid going through puberty, sexual development and troubles that come with it.

Conan O’Brien tries to lift the general mood of the class who looked rather confused. Speaking to a kid sitting in the middle, he referred to him as his son, whom he never legally adopted. Coincidentally, his name turned out to be Conor, so should we refer to him as Conor Conan?

Kroll asked the class about consent and a girl said that one should have it with someone only if they are “definitely into it”. O’Brien picked up the emphasis on “definitely” and realized that this would really turn out bad for him and his wife if this was the case.

Conan O’Brien and Nick Kroll then proceeded to the major lessons of the sex-ed class: how to put on condoms. Making an eggplant and a banana as a makeshift “Excalibur”, the team not only tried to put a Trojan on it but also discussed what a healthy Tiny Tim looks like.

The lecture proceeded with discussing sand (or cocaine!) filled baby doll, how an adult male starts to “shape himself” after 40, and the first time they beat their bishop.

While it was interesting to watch Conan O’Brien and Nick Kroll take a dive into the world of teaching, nearly every student’s feedback was that the class was a waste of time. There goes any chance for the two to become full-time teachers. Maybe they should stick with the TV entertainment business.

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