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Adele’s Weight loss Transformation | Is it Healthy?

Adele's transformation involves little to no exercise.

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Adele’s transformation is the talk-of-the-town these days and it involves weight loss without exercising. ‘Rolling in the Deep’ singer, who looks like a Sarah Paulson doppelganger now followed a strict diet plan with no exercise. The question is, is this a healthy way to lose fat? The answer might surprise you.

Is Adele’s Weight Loss Program Healthy?

English-singer songwriter Adele is in the news for her weight loss transformation. The 31-year-old superstar who has morphed into a Sarah Paulson look-alike looks beautiful but I think Adele’s weight loss program is not a long-term approach.

Why is Adele’s weightloss plan unhealthy if it works? Well, to answer the question I’d like to pose a counter-question. Gene altering chemicals like SARMS and other steroids also work but do you think it is healthy? My guess is, most of you will not agree with this notion.

From what we know, Adele’s transformation is 90 percent dieting and involves little to no exercise. Now, unless there’s some medical condition restricting her, the absence of any sort of exercise makes no sense.

A good workout routine is not just a tool to look good but rather a complete lifestyle. It aims at keeping your mind and body healthy as we age. The inspiration behind Adele’s weight loss program is pure fat-loss and the lack of a good workout routine is depriving the British star of so many health benefits.

What are the Health Benefits of Exercise and a Good Workout routine?

Here are some of the major health benefits that are lacking in Adele’s routine. According to MedlinePlus here some of the advantages:

It helps in losing fat.

Reduces the risk of cardiovascular diseases.

Maintains blood sugar and insulin levels.

It improves mental health and mood.

Increases your concentration level.

Helps people with insomnia.

It also improves your sexual health

These are just a few of many good things that may or not be a part of Adele’s routine. A program like her’s might work well for short-term but it’s not a healthy longterm option.

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