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The Weeknd Teasing Album or Blinding Lights Video?

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The Weeknd always drops the most awesome music for his fans. The wait and the hype have always been worth it. He is also known for teasing them before he does. His recent tracks ‘Heartless’ and ‘Blinding Lights’ were phenomenal hits. But the fans are waiting for more. We think Abel Tesfaye is coming out with a big release, soon.

‘Blinding Lights’ is fifth most-popular on Spotify

The success of ‘Blinding Lights’ is evident from the fact that it is one of the top five most popular songs on Spotify. That too, in the Global Top 50 category. The song has won hearts worldwide because of its catchy beat and Abel’s buttery smooth vocals.

The track was released as a part of the Mercedes Benz Electric campaign. It was featured in a short Mercedez film starring The Weeknd. And it was a highlight for some time because it is ‘very cool’.

However, a dedicated music video for the song itself has not been released.

Fans have long been asking if there would be a music video for ‘Blinding Lights’ and maybe, just maybe we’re soon going to get it.

The Weeknd Teasing Blinding Lights

The Weeknd teasing new music video or album?

The art of subtle hints and teasing fans is best known to The Weeknd. But fans are cracking the code and know something big is to come.

Abel Tesfaye recently tweeted, “pull yourself together kid” while sharing an animated video of his own avatar stumbling here and there. In the background, ‘Blinding Lights’ is playing.

Hmm, are we finally expecting an official music video for the track?

Fans were already answering the question themselves.

the weeknd teasing album blinding lights video tweets

the weeknd teasing album blinding lights video tweets

blinding lights

Other fans simply want the music album out now. And they also took the opportunity to ask for it and push Abel for it.

album blinding lights video tweet

The Weeknd new album

The Weeknd album

We love how The Weeknd fandom is so fun and savage at the same time. It’s because of our love for him and his music is as real as it gets. Now we’re waiting for the next big release.

We’re here for it.

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  1. Gustavo Brito Batista says

    Hahaha my comment is here (Gustavo Brito Batista comment). I really need the music video for blinding lights!!

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