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David Dobrik & Tana Mongeau Are A Thing Now?

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New couple alert? It looks like a new pair of lovers is blossoming right in front of our eyes. And we’re talking about Tana Mongeau and David Dobrik. They seem to be cozying up to each other and we have all the hints.

Tana Mongeau subtly flirting with Dobrik?

On January 2nd, Tana Mongeau and Jake Paul announced that they have split for the time being. The married couple needed a break from each other, as expected.

On the same day, Tana took to Instagram and tried out the trendy new filter on her story. The 2020 Predictions filter chose the ‘in love’ option for her.

Later, vlogger Dobrik also tried out the filter, got the same prediction and posted it on his story.

Tana reposted his result with the caption “Coincidence? I think not.”

Well, that’s our first clue for this development right now.

Tana earlier said she’d leave Jake Paul for David Dobrik

In a video Tana had filmed in November, she had made it clear that she has a thing for David Dobrik.

While answering the ‘100 MOST Psychotic’ questions from fans, Tana Mongeau revealed that she would end things with Jake to date David Dobrik.

When one fan asks her: “Would you leave Jake for David Dobrik?”, she instantly responded, “Yeah.”

Lots of texting (virtual love) in the air?

Well, the news seems to be getting more and more real. Tana Mongeau just tweeted that David Dobrik has been texting her ‘what are you doing’ for two days i.e. after her split.

And it always happens when she is dozing off. So she might just change his text tone to an ‘alarm tone’.

Clearly, the two are in constant contact. We’re sensing that the couple of 2020 is definitely this one right in front of us. And they’re going to look adorable together!


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