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Watch 77th Golden Globes 2020 Online for free

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The awards ceremonies in Hollywood for 2020 have started. First up, we have the Golden Globes 2020 ceremony that is going to take place. You might be wondering where you can watch 77th Golden Globes 2020 for free online. Here are a few options to stream the award where Ricky Gervais makes a witty monologue.

Time of the 77th Golden Globes

Golden Globes 2020 was set to take place on the night of January 5th at 8 PM Eastern time and 5 PM Pacific Time. The network where the Golden Globes ceremony officially airs is on NBC. Though, these days no one tunes into the television anymore. It’s the streaming age and you should know all the options where you can watch the 77th Golden Globes.

If you are able to catch the show on NBC, good for you! If not, here are all the streaming options available to watch the 77th Golden Globes 2020 ceremony for free online.

Where to Stream the Golden Globes 2020 Ceremony for free

There are some stand-alone streaming options available for you. Granted, they are options that you would have to pay for. But you can get a free trial that lasts a couple of days.

The options are:

Sling TV

This is an American internet television service that the Sling TV LLC operates. You can get all your favorite channels to watch online. As of now, there are three price packages ranging from $20 to $45 a month. However, there is a free trial that lasts a week. It’s just like any other streaming platform but it offers Live TV options.

Pro TIP: If you have a Roku device, you can try the Sling TV for free.

Fubo TV

This is an internet service that allows you to watch TV online just like Sling TV. It also offers a free trial period which is about a week long. The price of Fubo TV is $54.99 per month. You can watch the Golden Globes 2020 online for free using the Fubo TV free trial.

YouTube TV

Yes, that’s right. You can watch the Golden Globes 2020 ceremony live on YouTube TV. Don’t confuse this with the original YouTube platform which is completely free for anyone to use. YouTube TV operates just like Sling TV and Fubo TV and it provides the viewers with a 2-week free trial. This is something new they have introduced and thus it is only available for new members. The price of YouTube TV is $49.99 per month.


This is actually comparatively affordable. The price to use this AT&T TV Now is just $14 a month. It’s also an online television service. Through it, you can get access to the NBC channel where you can watch the Golden Globes 2020 award show. There is a free trial option available which lasts about 7 days.

Apart from this, you can also watch the show on NBC’s website, but you might have to pay a fee.

Locast | $5 a Month Option

This is a fairly recent streaming service that is run as a non-profit organization allegedly. It’s only $5 a month and you can watch the local channels you want online. Though the fee isn’t mandatory as per the service runners, you would not be able to easily watch any of the channels without paying the Locast service. Another catch is that it’s only available in 16 cities. Explore their website to see if it’s available in your city or not.

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