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Equalizer 2 Not Up To Par

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Equalizer 2 is back and this time with Hollywood legend Denzel Washington starring in it.  The Oscar-winning actor is returning as Robert McCall- the avenging hero. In the action-packed movie, the CIA black ops specialist will be saving his chums Dave and Susan. Dave and Susan will be played by Pedro Pascal and Melissa Leo respectively. Even when the trailer looked pretty thrilling, it looks like Equalizer 2 is not meeting expectations out here.

Analysts like Charles Bramesco remarked that the movie plot read as a middle-aged male fantasy. He described the film in the following words,

An uninteresting follow-up to the 80s TV reboot that wastes a star turn from the Oscar-winning actor.

While writing in the Chicago Sun Times, Richard Roeper commented on Equalizer 2 saying that,

It’s slick, violent, fast-paced, well acted but by-the-numbers summer fare.

Others were less polite and more scathing. Peter Debruge from Variety expressed his thoughts on the movie saying,

Judging by the ponderous tone and pace, Fuqua thinks he’s making high art (likely aspiring to something existential like Jean-Pierre Melville’s Le Samourai), but this is a grisly exploitation movie at best.

Other reviewers probed into the script of Equalizer 2 to find that it was fairly problematic. In an article in the Slant Magazine, Niles Schwartz wrote that,

The film juggles too many B stories beneath the main story line of the Belgian murder mystery. Set against Washington’s composure and startling invincibility (in the entire film, his opponents land at most two blows against him, neither of which seem to faze the man), everyone else comes off as comparably faceless.

The Forbes writer Scott Mendelson believes that Equalizer 2 has an utterly confusing script. He considers the plot of the movie to be messed up and said that,

Even among [Washington’s] straight-up genre flicks, this one doesn’t come anywhere near the heights of Devil in a Blue Dress or Out of Time. It can’t decide if it wants to be trashy like Ricochet or distinguished like Manchurian Candidate. As a result, it’s something of a muddle.

Some critics even believe that Denzel Washington’s capabilities were challenged by the film. And that an actor like Denzel Washington has devalued himself with this movie. K Austin Collins from Vanity Fair wrote that,

Washington – indisputably one of our greatest living movie stars and a guy who could get me to watch most anything, sometimes to my detriment – absolutely has a keen sense of his character. It’s there in every skeptical cock of his head, every sly, knowing grimace. But The Equalizer 2 is too much of a dull slog for any of that to pop with Washington’s usual ace charisma. The movie is a bog; Washington’s merely wading through it.

Despite the fact that Equalizer 2 has been sub-par, people are still applauding Denzel Washington for his acting. Maybe, he’s the only reason that the shows are still going. New York Times writer Manohla Dargis seemed to have enjoyed the film and wrote,

Like all great actors, Mr Washington commits to the performance, but every so often he also breathes fire, imbuing a scene with such shocking ferocity and bone-deep moral certitude that everything else falls blissfully away.

We have a variety of reviews up till now, and the bad ones are winning clearly.

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