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Stranger Things’ David Harbour Talks About Sheriff Hopper’s Fate

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It was sad, somewhat even shocking, to see how David Harbour’s Sheriff Hopper went out with a bang on the last season of Stranger Things. Sacrificing his life, he did what he had to do in order to protect Eleven, kids and the rest of the town of Hawkins. However, there is some catch to the way he “died”. The fact that the season finale did not show any remains of Hopper brings a really interesting theory: Jim Hopper Is alive. While that is something debatable, the actor himself offers his own theory about the event.

Stranger Things’ Sheriff “Hopper Has To Die…”

Although Harbour suggests that Sheriff Hopper’s character arc shows that he needed to die in Stranger Things, he also talked about it in detail. Speaking to the LA Times, David Harbour suggested that it is better for Hopper to die. NO! He doesn’t want to exit the show.

The actor stated that his sacrifice was needed:

The fact that he lives with a certain amount of internalized rage and had been slowly killing himself with pills and alcohol. He needed to make a sacrifice

He explained that Sheriff Hopper has to die in order to make it up to his daughter, Sara, and see her in the afterlife. As another perspective, he spoke about Hopper’s newfound relationship with Eleven (Millie Bobby Brown). He added that the girl provided an opportunity for him to take a bullet for a child. This is something he could not do in Sara’s case since she died of cancer. He also added this to clear up any confusion if people think he wants to exit the show:

Now whether or not there’s some sort of second-act resurrection would be very interesting to me, clearly, for obvious reasons. The fact that I desperately love the show and desperately love the character, but that remains to be seen. He would certainly have to emerge a different individual.

In the end, our Sheriff Hopper swore that he does not know whether he will return to season 4 of Stranger Things.

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