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Dacre Montgomery Asks for Help During Australia Wildfires

The damage is heartbreaking

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Australia is burning. There are over 100 fires that are still to be put out. It is shocking how the land is turning into another victim of extreme climate change. It is not even an issue to tread lightly around. We need to realize how much this is harming our society as a whole. Climate change is no joke – and it is about time we start treating it appropriately. Stranger Things star, Dacre Montgomery comes from Australia. His homeland is burning. To cater to this, he posted an elaborate video request for everyone who can help to donate. The fires in Australia need to be put out and they need to act quickly in order to restore the country after the damage. And for that, we need resources.

Current Situation in Australia

Australia is smashing all-time record highs. This is because the government is inactive in catering to the cause the way they should. Since our world is already facing dire impacts of climate change, we must realize, now is the time to help. There are more than 100 fires that are still burning. And the number is closer to 200 than it is to 100. All across Australia, the death toll has risen to 24. It’s shocking. The fires are so strong and they are burning everything in their way.

Dacre Montgomery said:

There are communities that need evacuation now. There are firefighters that need your support now

According to Dacre Montgomery, they have lost land worth the size of Brazil in these fires. There’s certainly a dire need for help as the environment, people and animals are all being affected.

Celebrities other than Dacre Montgomery asking to help Australia.

Dacre Montgomery is not the only looking for help to save his homeland. Other celebrities are also requesting help from their fans and friends to help save their communities.

The Originals Star Pheobe J Tonkin also asked for help to save her homeland.


She also went on to post some facts about the fires to raise awareness.

The British actor, Paul Hilton also keeps his page updated with all the atrocities happening in Australia right now!


It is alarming. If you want to help, go on to this link from Go Fund Me to help today.

He also joined the Red Cross to further this cause.

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