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Jake Paul Shares 2019 Highlights of His Life

Fun times, aren't they?

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Jake Paul sure does know his way around drama. With his fights, to his careless comments and YouTuber drama, he always has something going on. So it’s kind of hilarious to see him rating his own moments from the year. As 2019 came to an end, Jake Paul made an interesting Instagram Post. The post consisted of his top 10 moments from the year.


Here’s what Jake Paul thinks are his best moments!

Jake Paul and Tana Mongeau got together! And he rated this to be his #1 moment. Unfortunately, after this post, the two took a break from each other. But he is still grateful for all that Tana has done for him.

Jake is known for the crazy things he does. His second top moment was creating videos that got over 1 billion views. That’s a lot, Jake. Even for the YouTube community.

Jake visited Ibiza earlier in 2019. According to him, this was one of the most memorable moments. But he also says he needs to see pictures to remember what happened. Um… That’s conflicting. Well, we hope he remembers fun stuff.

Jake Paul broke his hand this year too. He got in a fight with Joe Wellers and as Jake says; ‘he beat his ass’. Well, we’re glad it taught you good things, Jake!

Logan Paul Vs KSI happened in 2019. Jake Paul was there for every second with his brother. He also expressed how he plans to finish what his brother started, in the new year, 2020.

Jake Paul says he looks forward to throwing more parties after the one he threw for Desiigner’s birthday. The party was huge. It surely does deserve a place on Jake’s list.

Jake also adopted his and Tana’s dog, Thor. The pup is a jolly and adorable little dog who is, in real terms, harmless.

And lastly, he added his dedication towards the training he has been taking to ‘avenge’ his brother. Nice effort Jake.

We’ve seen Jake Paul in many different scenarios. He is always a part of the spotlight, one way or the other. Sometimes, it’s hectic to keep up. However, we’re all looking forward to what he has up his sleeve this year.

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