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BBC One’s Dracula Series is Coming To Netflix On January 4

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There is no telling when will we get to see another of Sherlock’s season. However, if you like that show, then you might also like its creator Steven Moffat’s other show as well. He along with Mark Gatiss have come with Dracula Series, which is also on Netflix. With Danish star Claes Band starring as the main character, an international audience can watch the show on Netflix. After mentioning that, it is also worth noticing that the show arrived on the streaming platform, a few days after its release in the UK.

Dracula Series By Steven Moffat Is Coming To Netflix On Jan 4

Just like other shows that come to Netflix once their season ends, Dracula series has the same case. While the UK can watch the show on BBC One, the international audience will have to wait before Netflix can release it. Luckily, that day is not far away as the show only has three episodes, which were aired on consecutive days.

  • Episode 1: “The Rules of the Beast” on January 1
  • Episode 2: “Blood Vessel” on January 2
  • Episode 3: “The Dark Compass” on January 3

Here is the show’s trailer to get you guys going:

Steven Moffat’s Dracula series is based on the Gothic horror novel of Bram Stoker. Although Netflix has not told when will they reveal the short season, everyone is expecting midnight (0200/0300 ET/CT). This logic is based around several other shows on Netflix that the streaming platform generally releases during the same time. It seems as if Mark Gatiss tried to take a dig at Twilight saga’s fancy-looking vampires when he said this:

“Things go in big cycles. We’ve been so many iterations of Twilight vampires, so somehow it just felt right to be able to do big castles and moonlight and capes again.”

At this point, it is worth talking about Claes Bang as well. The Danish actor is famous for his lead in The Square, the show went on to win the Cannes Film Festival in 2017. He will be teaming up with other British talents Joanna Scanlan and Jonathan Harker.

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