Trisha Paytas on Stephanie Soo-Nikocado Avocado situation

Stephanie Soo and Nikocado Avocado have a huge feud going on from some time. And it’s important to know where ‘drama queen’ Trisha Paytas stands on this one. After all, Trisha Paytas herself had a bit of a beef with Nikocado a few months ago. But, they addressed their issues and are now friends. Still, Trisha did share her opinion of the Nik-Steph situation. Whose side is she on?

Trisha Paytas and Nikocado Avocado

To sum it all up, Nikocado shared an incident from years ago, exposing Paytas. When he was just starting out as a YouTuber, he looked up to Trisha Paytas and was a huge fan. He entered a contest that Paytas was hosting. When he posted his cover of one of her songs, she reached out to him with utmost adoration and encouragement. And even invited him for a meet up/ collaboration.

But, Trisha stood him up and bailed on him at the last minute. In 2019, the whole drama escalated. The feud went on from both sides, Trisha shared her side of the story as well. And finally, it seemed to dissolve.

After this, the two were seen in mukbang collaborations together while addressing the issue. And they’re now really good friends.

Whose side is Trisha on | Stephanie Soo or Nikocado Avocado?

In her latest video, Trisha Paytas revealed her thoughts on the feud between Stephanie Soo and Nikocado Avocado.

She gave a disclaimer that she does not know and is not friends with Stephanie Soo. She also mentioned her beef with Nikocado as her ‘number one scandal’ to date.

Trisha added that her opinion is whoever shoots the shot first, (comes out against the other party) always gets more sympathy. Then she said she is not trying to invalidate Soo by saying this but it’s just how it works in general.

She compared her own situation to this one, and how she wasn’t able to collaborate with him years ago. She emphasized that one should not feel forced into a collaboration at all.

Trisha then gave a very neutral and unbiased perspective. She said that how two people perceive an event differs, so your truth and their truth is different.

Another highlight of it was that Trisha Paytas understands how one can change their mind how Stephanie did about the collab.

With her, I was like damn, she’s going through shit. Maybe it triggered something. I really got where she was coming from. And it’s terrifying to think the whole internet is gonna hate you.

Still, she made one major point against Stephanie Soo.

According to Paytas. being raped or sexually assaulted inflicts a huge trauma. And Soo comparing her past trauma to what Nikocado did, seems too much to her. She said it comes off as “manipulative” even if Soo did not do so intentionally.

But Trisha made sure to point out that she really does not know the gravity of the situation as she wasn’t even there. She kept emphasizing that she understands both their point of views.

They’re both young. At the end of the day, YouTube should be fun. Stephanie Soo videos are so much fun. Nikocado videos are so much fun. And this whole situation sucks.

I’m seeing the internet do this hate campaign against Nick and I don’t know the solution for this.

Trisha Paytas said she does not believe or agree with cancel culture at all. She said she truly hopes Stephanie gets the help needed to heal from her past sexual trauma as she has “deeply rooted issues” from it.

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