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David Dobrik Forced to Move by Fans

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David Dobrik is best known for his YouTube Vlog channel that has been operational since 2014. He posts daily videos of his day to day life that mainly revolves around his Vlog Squad. David has over 15 Million subscribers on his main channel and has a second channel that goes by David Dobrik too.

Around two years ago, David got his current LA mansion; aka his dream house; and has been living in it since. However more recently, his life in the house has become a little troublesome considering the fact that fans found out his address and location. They started showing up to his place. It wasn’t really a problem for them before. However, fans are becoming increasingly insensitive and hostile. This has disturbed life for David himself and his assistant Natalie.

David Dobrik asking Fans to stop!

At first, David started posting stories asking people to not show up at his place. And since, it proved to be ineffective, he has now had to take some rather strict measures. The house he currently lives in can now be easily located by almost all of his fans. His assistant Natalie posted on her Twitter asking people to not share or film or show up to their place.

At the same time, David Dobrik also told his fans to not come here to his place and to leave his house alone.

As the last straw, as he brought it up in his podcast with Jason Nash, he is now being forced to move out. The appearances have gotten out of hand.

However, most fans continue to ignore David’s request and instead started blaming Natalie for being the reason that David is being forced to move out of his house. According to them, Natalie is dragging David out of the place.

To this, we just would like to say that it’s very irrational to show up at someone’s place even if you adore them because it’s wrong. It’s an invasion of privacy and fans need to realize that their favorite stars need their personal space. It’s needed if they are to continue with giving them the content that the fans love so much.

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