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The Mandalorian Ends But So Does Disney+ Subscription?

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As hilarious as it may sound, perhaps it is true as well. With The Mandalorian over after its debut rollercoaster season, it seems like people are also done with Disney+. The latest streaming platform launched The Star Wars spin-off series as its flagship show. Indeed it did turn out to be a high-quality series with high expectations and a greater storyline for season 2, which will arrive in Fall 2020. However, now that the eight-episode season over, it looks like people are also canceling their Disney+ subscription.

Was The Mandalorian Main Reason Behind Disney+’s Great Start?

The Mandalorian Season 1 gave us bittersweet memories, and one shouldn’t deny that. I mean, here we are on an endless loop of weak episodes. But all is well when baby Yoda shows up on our screens. The final two episodes really gave a boost to the whole storyline with everything coming to an end in a terrific way. Now, everyone has their eyes set on Season 2, which, unfortunately, is really far away.

The Mandalorian takes place about 5 years after the events of ‘Return of the Jedi’ and so makes it as one of the Star Wars canon series. With so much relevancy to one of the biggest comic franchises, it is sure to gather a lot of support. With the show releasing on the same day as the launch of the streaming service, this provides enough reason why Disney+ was set for a good start even before its beginning. However, what happens now that the show is over? Are people going to stay put to enjoy the rest of the shows which the Disney+ streaming service has to offer?

We have encountered a few tweets from users who are really putting up a question mark on the consistent growth of Disney+.

Let’s Stay Hopeful for Disney+

For those thinking about canceling their subscription, they will renew it later when The Mandalorian Season 2 arrives. It might not be as hard as one may think, to cancel and then renew their subscription.

However, Disney+ has a lot to do in order to make the viewers stick to its streaming service. That is if this is really the truth.

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