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Padma Lakshmi Is Mistaken As Priyanka Chopra By The New Yorker Mag

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What would you do if you are a well-known figure in the town yet someone mistakes you for someone else? India-born Padma Lakshmi knew exactly what to do when she met a similar situation. Recently, The New Yorker magazine mistook her as Priyanka Chopra, even going as far as posting a picture of her and tagging Priyanka Chopra instead. However, Padma had a witty response up her sleeve to take care of this!

Padma Lakshmi May Be A Brown Person, But Not All Brown People Are The Same!

The New Yorker magazine posted this picture on Instagram. A very beautiful black-and-white photo of her seemed incredibly off when Priyanka Chopra’s name appeared over it. Seeing the post, Lakshmi uploaded a screenshot of the post and thanked the New Yorker magazine. She claimed that some people do actually think that the two superstars look alike. Here is her complete post:


Lakshmi uses the hashtag #JustIndianThings, implying that people in America often think that all brown people look the same. Is this classified as mild racism in Hollywood, just like for Asians and people of color?

But hold up, because this is not it! If you look closely at the caption of her screenshot, you might notice something interesting:

“Thank you to the illustrious ‘@nydailynews’ for the shout-out. I know to some we all look alike, but… #desilife #justindianthings.”

As you can see, Padma Lakshmi went eye-for-an-eye with the magazine by tagging NY Daily News instead of the magazine itself. The clever Top Chef judge really did go all the way to make the magazine realize their mistake. Although the error is fixed by now, its proof of existence will always remain with us, thanks to Lakshmi.

Here’s to Padma Lakshmi for ending her 2019 on a happy and lighter note. The star celebrated her Christmas eve in New York and will now be featuring in Top Chef’s season 17.

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