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19 Best Kpop Songs of 2019

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2019 brought us many kpop songs. Songs that we would’ve never thought certain groups would do. From Twice breaking free from their cute aesthetic to EXO full on going bad, this year brought us many good songs. However, one of them will only win the crown.

So, without further adieu, we bring you the best kpop songs of 2019.


19. Dalla Dalla – ITZY

At the start of this year if you’d asked us if we’d put this on out list of best songs we would’ve said no. However, now we can’t imagine not including this song. The strength of this song relies in that it grows on you after a few listens and then you’re stuck with it in your head all day.

18. Birthday – Somi

Somi, the member of IOI and who everyone thought was going to debut with ITZY left JYP and then debuted as a solo artist. Birthday, though at first listen doesn’t get to you but just as Dalla Dalla, it grows on you.

17. Snapping – Chungha

Chungha released two songs this year, and though the favorite of the masses was Gotta Go, Snapping sticks with you.

16. Fear – Seventeen

Many groups this year changed their concept and Seventeen was one of them. However, only a few succeeded at trying something new and fortunately, Seventeen was one of them.

15. Boy With Luv

BTS made a comeback this year with a very light and bubbly concept. This song was more of a reply to the group’s old song Boy in Luv. However, unlike that song Boy With Luv teaches everyone to love themselves before anyone else.

14. Kill This Love

This song is everything that BLACKPINK stands for. It’s badass but yet still a very girl crush song.

13. Twit

Mamamoo’s Hwasa debuted as a solo singer this year. Twit is exactly the song singer should’ve debuted with. It’s sexy and lazy in the way only Hwasa can pull off.

12. Lalalay – Sunmi

It’s sexy with a hook step. Just a regular Sunmi song.

11. Say My Name – Ateez

This rookie group debuted with a bop and is going to go a long way.

10. Gogobebe – Mamamoo

We have another Hwasa song on this list, however, this time it’s along with her group. Gogobebe is a certified bop and Mamamoo proved once again that they’re queens.

9. Fancy -TWICE

TWICE changed their concept this year and we’re glad that they did. Because these kpops queens can do anything and still be best at it. Fancy, a song that was so impactful with everyone sharing fancams’ of this song to everyone covering it, there was no way this song wasn’t going to be on our list.

8. Psycho – Red Velvet

Red Velvet brought out their velvet side again and we’re here for it. From the music video to the song itself, this red velvet song was the perfect song to end the year with.

7. Adios – EVERGLOW

This new girl group is here to stay. They’re the perfect mixture of BLACKPINK and TWICE and honestly what could be better. Adios is a total anthem and you’ll be bopping your head to it all day.

6. Bon Bon Chocolat – EVERGLOW

There’s another everglow song on this list and this time it’s their debut song. This rookie group is going to be a tough competition one day.

5. Lion – G idle

A queen anthem and we’re not even exaggerating.

4. No One – Lee Hi

Lee Hi made a long-awaited comeback this year and honestly, it was worth the wait. Also, B.I featuring on this was just perfect.

3. Obsession – EXO

EXO really went into it this year. This song portrayed everything we love EXO for. It was vocally good, sexy and something entirely new.

2. Blueming – IU

The bop of the year.

1. How can I love the heartbreak, you`re the one I love – Akmu

Song of the year. Period.

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1 Comment
  1. T says

    Good songs, but this list is disappointingly NOT diverse. Mamamoo two times, Everglow two times.
    Really? That’s 2 whole opportunities missed to include and give recognition to 2 less known acts.

    I also do not think Birthday makes this list. It is a fun song, but as far as originality and complexity there are so many other songs that are much stronger.
    I am disappointed that LOONA’s Butterfly, AB6IX’s Breathe, and any of CLC’s releases didn’t make an appearance.

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