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Cats Movie Starring Taylor Swift On Course To lose $71 Million

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Tom Hooper’s Cats movie is really struggling to get a strong footing in the box office. New reports claim that the movie is on track to lose 71 million of its U.S Dollars. It looks like even stars like Taylor Swift, Ian McKellen, Jennifer Hudson, and Judi Dench cannot save the movie. Maybe it is because of its confusing trailer and weak storyline.

Cats Movie Is In Distress

Despite the star-studded cast including the Artist of the Decade Taylor Swift, Cats could only collect $6.5 million. This is not surprising after seeing how the critics tossed the movie out after seeing it. Due to such a strong and consistent opinion, the movie struggled to stay at the box office as compared to its competitors in the same Holiday season. However, this is not the only reason.

ScreenRant is reporting that the lack of support does not only come from external sources. Universal Pictures also had a hard time giving out an updated version of Tom Hooper’s film. ‘Cats’ movie was re-released with improved CGI, which did little contribution even then. Later, Universal pulled the movie out from its list of potential award contenders. With all this negativity involved in a single film, the production company is now set to lose a great amount.

Deadline gives a much detailed report over this. Their report said that if ‘Cats’ movie reached $40 million from stateside and $60 million globally, the movie will lose $71 million. This is based on the calculations for the production cost, which has a net value of $90 million. On the other hand, global marketing cost reached $115 million. Right now, Tom Hooper’s movie is sitting at $ 17 million from stateside, whereas, $38 million globally.

Unfortunately, the movie is not doing well as the movie only made $4.8 million this past weekend in the North American region. Moreover, the response from South Korea, France, and Mexico was not positive at all either.

Much of the criticism also comes from the actors contributing to the movie. James Corden (Bustopher Jones) even said that he has not seen the movie but hear it was horrible. With such lacking in ownership, no wonder the movie is this terrible state,

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