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Is Riverdale just another cliche teen drama?

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There is something to excite the Riverdale fans – it’s coming back with season 3. Not just that, but we might even have some spoilers to know what’s cooking up this time.

Ever since season 2 ended, fans are desperate to know what the next one will bring. There is just so much to wonder. What cast members will return or exit? What’s going to be the mystery this time? For everyone who needs to catch up before the next season arrives, you can binge watch it on Netflix.

Even though not many official details are here, a lot about Riverdale season 3 has been flying around. It’s going to premiere on 10th October at 8 pm. You can start your countdown because it’s official and was released in a tweet by the official Archie Comics account. And this time, the show will be less dark than what we are expecting. Lead actress Camila Mendes herself shared something about her character as Veronica. She further added,

We come in strong, and it’s actually a really fun episode. There are a lot of happy moments. And sad moments, but you just see the characters in a place they’ve never been before. I hope [Veronica] conquers the war against her father.

Season 3 is getting filmed right now, and people just can’t wait.

So to recap what happened, at the end of season 2, Archie was arrested and it was clear that Hiram Lodge was behind this turn of events as we know the he owns the new sheriff in town.

And probably season 3 will let him defend himself in a courtroom. The Riverdale writer, Roberto shared the a picture of a page of the script online where Archie was being yelled at by a lawyer. Roberto is as thrilled as the rest of us that Riverdale is returning. He posted a tweet saying,

And so Season 3 of #Riverdale begins! Thrilled & honored to get to tell more stories w/this incredible cast & crew!


The writer has not shared how many episodes should we expect out of this season. But since Riverdale is such a hot favorite, it is safe to say that we’ll have 22 new ones to enjoy. Till now, only two new characters are expected in the coming episodes. Evelyn and Edgar Evernever will both join the cast this year. Evelyn as Betty’s new best friend while Edgar will become Alice’s new guru. But we are hoping that these two might not just be it. It would just make the season so much better if they could finally introduce us to Jughead’s family.

As far as Jughead and Betty are concerned, they might be the biggest couple in Season 3. Lili Reinhart who plays Betty Cooper shared in an interview that her character will finally be happy in this season. She also hoped that her character could get to see more of Kevin and Veronica this season. She expressed that,

It’s something I’m very much pushing for, that you do see the kids interact more as a group.

As far as surprising romances are concerned, Season 3 will definitely be packed. KJ Apa who plays Archie on the show is all up to romance with Kevin played by Casey Cott. According to KJ, that might be a good idea. When asked about his thought on the couple in an interview, he said that he loved it. But he’s not just interested in Casey here. He actually loves his character and wants to be Kevin. He shared that,

I would play Kevin. Kevin’s my favorite character, and I tell Casey that all the time. Casey’s one of my best mates.

Now that we know a lot about Riverdale Season 3, waiting for it to release has become a lot harder. But is Riverdale as interesting as you think it is? Or is it just another cliche teen drama with no story line and the plot going back and forth just to get senselessly complicated? Some seem to think of Riverdale as being as a mess and people just obsessing over a bunch of characters who don’t even know the motives behind their actions. Even if you keep the fact aside that everyone in the show is practically lying and figuring out what is true and what is not is an issue in itself, Riverdale doesn’t have much going on. 2 seasons into it already and what have we seen? A lot of multiple random story arcs that ultimately lead them all to being on square one.

We saw in the first season that Veronica was not easily trusting her father but slowly they developed a relationship again when she was told the family ways. But after Hiram doing everything in his power to be the obvious villain of the show apart from the Black Hood made her not trust him again. Archie slowly detracts his moral agenda of saving Riverdale because he needs Hiram’s approval to date Veronica. Jughead is on a secret mission to protect the serpents and pinning down Hiram Lodge.

The show meets the Black Hood again after Mr. Svenson dies. Plus, the new Black Hood being Betty’s father seems to be a story line the writers added in a haste. They wanted a new plot twist and Cheryl’s new orientation wasn’t that surprising it seems. Then we see some kind of civil war happening inside of Riverdale but it’s still not quite sure if Hiram would win or not.  The town of Riverdale won’t easily accept this new plan he’s bringing up so why does it seem like a story arc they will suddenly drop and add in some new teenage drama into?

Because you have to see that to its core it’s basically just a combination common tropes we see in teenager TV shows, where we see love clashes and teenage rebellion and secrets each main character is hiding at any given point. There’s also family troubles that keep the story line going, and it gets pretty messed up half way into it. With Betty’s dad being an actual murderer who wants her to go to the dark side, Cheryl’s mom forcing her to go to gay conversion therapy and trying to kill her mother-in-law, Veronica’s dad trying to rule the whole of Riverdale, Kevin’s dad and Josie’s mom being in an affair, things aren’t exactly okay at anyone’s home here. There seems to be confusion everywhere. One wonders where the show will go after the multiple story lines and whether they will all neatly fit into one conclusive end because not many think that it has happened.

Even if you’re a true fan who is enjoying the plot, you have to admit the show isn’t really going in any direction. It just another cliche story that we’ve seen in plenty of TV shows in this teenager drama thriller genre. The tone, the theme, the plot, the mystery is so similar to other shows that Riverdale doesn’t have any reason to stand out. Wasn’t Pretty Little Liars almost the same? Or the overly complicated relationships like this in Gossip Girl too?

So, by the end of season 2, a lot has happened to the show but with the plot really not going anywhere. Let’s see if season 3 has any logical twists to offer or is going to be just another typical Riverdale season. Maybe, it won’t be as dark and confusing.

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