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V Wars Season 2 Still Not Confirmed

How much longerrrr.

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Earlier this December, V Wars, a vampire show starring Adrian Holmes and Ian Somerhalder, was released on Netflix. Since it was released, the show has become one of the most popular shows around. With becoming the number one show in Germany and other praise-worthy milestones, people sure do love it!

With success, comes the expectations of fans and viewers. However, unfortunately, there is still no word on the next season. Netflix has a habit of keeping its viewers on the edge. Right now, most V Wars viewers are just waiting for some news of a Season 2.

Ian Somerhalder, playing the role of Luther Swann on V Wars, is also silent on the matter. He seems to be more focused on the current success of the show.

Other stars are also busy with their projects.

Why we need word on the V Wars Season 2.

The first season was so enticing. It sparked the interest of us all. By the season finale, we were left with so many cliff hangers.

We need to know whether Michael Fayne is alive. The V Wars season ended without giving us any glimpses of what our Vampire poison Infected star was to experience. And since the leadership of the Bloods changed, something must have happened.

What is to become of the Humans? The thrilling finale showed us so much to ponder over. One of these things was the virus being released in the town water supply. This may mean everyone becomes a Blood. Or maybe Luther will figure a way out of this. Too much curiosity!

What is going to happen with Desmond (Son of Luther Swann)? In the very last minutes of the V Wars finale, we see Desmond held captive in a warehouse by the Bloods. Also, Luther Swann is armed with a gun and heading to save him.

Too many questions. Too many uncertainties. Give us a season 2 already. (Or… maybe just announce it.)

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