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Big Bang Theory | Shocking Fan Theory About Howard

This one is CREEPY!

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Sheldon Cooper (Jim Parsons), Raj Koothrapali (Kunal Nayyar), Leanord Hofstadter (Johnny Galecki) and Howard Wolowitz (Simon Helberg) left our screens a few months ago. However, Big Bang Theory is still watched by viewers who think it’s too soon to let go. With that, comes the unveiling of plotholes and fan theories. While scrolling through some fan posts, we found a Reddit post from five years ago that was specifically deranged. Pick234 posted the following;

Small theory here, Howard’s mom doesn’t exist, he is just crazy and lonely and uses ventriloquism to speak for her. Also All of his friends like him so much and either A believes him or B don’t want to break it to him that she isn’t there, either out of love or fear that he would snap.

Tl;dr Howard is kookoo

Uh… Alright?

Well, we wouldn’t have too much trouble believing this one. Howard’s relationship with his mother was kind of ew. The showers, pj’s, smack on Bernie’s butt (Melissa Rauch) and just, everything. So maybe, this could be true.

However, we have also found many instances where this wasn’t true.

Some proof against the Howard Wolowitz theory.

1) His mother’s cooking.

On several occasions, we see how much Howard’s mother’s cooking is appreciated (in both, good and bad terms). The time when Raj stayed over when she passed away. All those indicate to the fact that someone did do the cooking. It wasn’t just one of his friends.

2) The time we almost saw her.

In the episode that Raj stayed over, Howard Wolowitz’s mother’s figure can be seen in the background through the kitchen door. That should count for something, no?

3) The death of Mrs. Wolowitz.

The death of the character itself was a tribute to the voice actor Carol Ann Susi. In 2014, the voice actor passed away. The big bang theory producers wanted to honor the actress and thus, her character got a proper funeral in the show.

4) The time she had a heart attack.

When Howard told his mother about his engagement, we see the gang in the hospital. I mean, his friends may care but the doctors surely wouldn’t just be crazy about pretending a 200-pound woman is admitted when she isn’t!

5) The one where they all think of a life without Sheldon.

When discussing their lives if Sheldon hadn’t been it, the gang discovers that most of them would’ve had totally different lives. When it comes to Howard Wolowitz, they all assume he’d still be living with his mother. There, he himself says that it would be different and a horrifying image of a dead Mrs. Wolowitz is shown.

So, what are your opinions on this theory? Drop them below in the comments.

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