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Star Wars: The Rise of Skywalker Review | A Hyperspeed Of A Story

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Sitting in the cinema all I could think of was how the stakes were high for ‘Star Wars: The Rise of Skywalker’. The film marks an end to a story by George Lucas, and it is up to J. J. Abrams to deliver a stunning blow. Or get blown up. In the final chapter nine, the epic galactic war is supposed to come to an end one way or the other. With stakes so high, did the movie provide all of us with a closure that we were looking for? Time for a review!

Star Wars: TROS Has Got Everything, But Its Crammed

Did you want lightsaber battles, air duels, and ground fights? TROS tried to give the audience an epic end by putting all of this in the nearly two-and-a-half hours long movie. However, while we are glad, there is also a factor of expecting the unexpected. The opening lines crawl out and immediately inform us of an old threat. I mean one can easily figure it out in the trailer itself.

Immediately we see our heroes head to action as Kylo Ren goes to find his new Sith Lord, the very person who is pulling all the strings. It’s just needless to see a lot of Snokes still under production now that Ren is the Supreme Leader of the First Order. There is a lot of running,  gunning, and chasing. The fast-forward action sequences in the movie are probably best if we explain it with Poe’s reference. Just like how Oscar Isaac’s Poe was “light skipping” the Millennium Falcon, TROS also feels a bit like that. There is always something more, more battles, and more action. If it has troopers on the ground, they also have them on the bike and then in the sky. There is simply no breathing space.

Lack of Backstory

Next up, there are many characters in the TROS storyline who did not get their fair share of screen time. If they were only for a minor role, wouldn’t it be better to just exclude them entirely? Dominic Monaghan’s character Beaumont is one example here, he had no need to be in the story. While these smaller roles seem very unnecessary, most of the spotlight belongs to “Reylo”.

There is certainly a lot of Sith vs Jedi going on here, with Daisy Ridley and Adam Driver getting most of the limelight. With so much going on between the two, probably the writers forgot to give time to Zorri Bliss (Keri Russell), in particular. Perhaps she will get her own spinoff show like Din Djarin of The Mandalorian? Then, there is an old Imperial elite, General Pryde, who we have never heard of. With so much happening so fast, even CNET reports that it is difficult to get emotionally involved.

The Conclusion

The series culminating Star Wars The Rise of Skywalker keeps us guessing as to if writers want us to love the franchise and not the movie. Rightly said, Polygon writes that the movie gives a message that since we love Star Wars, we would be glad to watch this movie as well. Even after 40 years, there is still no time to slow down and think about the characters or what they have become. Perhaps it would have been better if the new trilogy could have broken down the tradition of the three-chapter story. The movie showed how much justice would Chapter 10 could have done. An honest review is that George Lucas’ version of the story starting from ‘A New Hope’ still holds more weight. A weight more than anything that the new trilogy has offered.

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