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Christopher Nolan’s Tenet | What Are The Important Points To Notice?

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The mysterious and mind-bending trailer of Christopher Nolan’s Tenet movie has a lot to offer, yet it gives away nothing. In the first glimpse, all that we can see is some strange reverse play of the director’s latest movie. With the movie’s storyline kept in secret, let’s analyze its trailer starring Robert Pattinson and John David Washington. It currently has more than $200 million production budget.

Christopher Nolan’s Tenet Is Going In Reverse

If you look at the opening scene of the trailer, you can see that John David Washington’s character is climbing a building with just a rope. Now, we all were quite perplexed with the scene, but ScreenRant reports that he is actually going in reverse. Meaning, the character is going down the building.

John David Washington

There is something about Christopher Nolan’s Tenet that we are trying to figure out. When we say that, we also include the role played by Washington, next to Robert Pattinson. We see that his character is recruited by some spy agency and he has to figure out a threat that is bigger than World War III’s nuclear holocaust.

During the trailer, he first wakes up in the hospital, only to find out he has passed a test and that he is ready now. Quickly, the new recruit seems to be more knowledgable than his partner. Is there a chance that the character himself is under the influence of this strange reverse world of Tenet?

The Boat Scene

The next scene in the lineup of Tenet movie is the one where we see a yellow and black boat called Magne Viking. Now, although Martin Donovan’s role welcomes our main guy in the Afterlife, is there a chance that he is actually referring to the boat itself? Or perhaps his spy agency? It can only be just his way to tell that the main guy survived one of the toughest training courses. Anyways, there is something peculiar about the boat itself, the waves in particular. Either these waves are splashing against the boat in reverse or its just the whole scene which is in reverse. Either way, the boat probably looks like a part of the main storyline.

The movie Tenet Is A Codeword

One thing we know for sure is that Tenet is not just a word picked up without context. There is a whole meaning attached to it, something that we can see in the trailer as well. When Martin Donovan said that the word Tenet will open new doors that are good and bad, this is a sign. Tenet is quite possibly some phrase which can be used to get around things. It can also be some passcode which Washington’s role uses to pass through certain situations.

It is still a mystery how Christopher Nolan’s Tenet will play out. All scenes combined give a feeling of a mystery thriller, and a great one. Only time will tell what it has in store for us!

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