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Baby Yoda Is Receiving Tough Competition From Baby Sonic

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We are all excited about a live-action movie of Sonic The Hedgehog. Although the creators totally destroyed the real face of the speedy creature in the new movie, they quickly turned things around in the new redesigned trailer. Now that they have redeemed themselves, we are all set to let our imaginations take over. Just like baby Yoda from the Mandalorian, there is also a baby Sonic picture that is trending the Internet. The new look of the hyperactive hero is shown in a Japanese trailer, providing a possible hint of Sega’s icon.

Baby Yoda vs. Baby Sonic

You can’t deny when they say that Sonic the Hedgehog movie has had the rollercoaster year of 2019. The initial face reveals and the trailer of the guy showed a really….weird look which clearly disappointed all of the fans. This look had human teeth, small eyes, and an annoyingly skinny body. Luckily, Sega heard and saw the disappointment and unlike many who do not correct themselves, they did. The designers offered fresh looks of Sonic with features that are more realistic. With the design now approved, we will get to see a story of how the hyperactive hedgehog comes to Earth and what happens.

There is a new Japanese trailer where we see a very young (but still incredibly fast) Sonic running the course at Green Hill Zone to bring a flower to someone. Later, posters emerged of the baby Sonic which has us in awe. This is surely on par with baby Yoda.

Now, baby Yoda did mention that people should not compare him with baby Groot. In fact, he specifically told him to stay away. However, does this new baby in town have any chance of putting up a fight?

To be honest, not much right now, but it might in the future. Since The Mandalorian’s season 1 has come to an end, it is possible that all the baby Yoda memes will die down. However, baby Sonic memes can quickly take over with the right kind of marketing. With the movie releasing on February 13, 2020, this might be a great time to build up the hype!

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