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Venom 2 Might Have A Spiderman Cameo Starring Tom Holland

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Once the rumors of the first movie, now they have taken over the sequel as Venom 2 starts production. There are talks that spiderman will appear for the second part of Tom Hardy’s movie. And when we talk about spiderman, who else are we pointing at other than Tom Holland? Although Sony holds the rights to several characters, this cameo appearance can mean that both Marvel and Sony universes are connected.

Tom Hardy’s Venom 2 To Bring On Spiderman?

ScreenRant reports that as Sony is working to build a storyline for its own set of Marvel characters, there is a possibility that it can work with Marvel Studios to share spiderman aka Tom Holland.

When the first Venom was under development, there were rumors about spiderman’s appearance. There is a comic book background of venom and spiderman which is also present in the previous Peter Parker movies. Later, in the previous Venom, there were talks about bringing on Spiderman there as well, but the negotiations broke down. Additionally, the overall successful Venom movie crashed any flight of such rumors after its release. Venom 2, starring Tom Hardy, is now coming with director Andy Serkis, with filming starting back in November. Although there is no confirmed release date, there is a chance that it is coming out in October 2020.

Geeks Worldwide stated that Venom 2 lineup includes Tom Holland as Spiderman, however, the negotiations are still on-going. It is not clear if Tom Holland will take the role of Peter Parker, or a totally different character. Kevin Feige said that the two universes of MCU and Sony have no connection, telling that Venom will not feature Spiderman and vice versa. However, if these new rumors come true then it can change the storyline just because of the new connection.

Whatever the decision takes place between the upper management, they probably have to think about casual moviegoers. These are the majority through which their revenue comes from. Sony and MCU would have to come up with crystal clarifications that the two franchises are of a different universe if the Venom 2 rumors are to go down.

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