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The Mandalorian Season Finale Review | Grand Slam

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An incredible way to end, The Mandalorian’s season finale has fully redeemed itself as a great Star Wars show. Without talking about the negatives of the past episodes, let us focus entirely on the season finale. The episode kept the momentum of the previous episode where Moff Gideon arrives to play a bigger, more sinister role. In Episode 8, titled “Redemption”, there was humor, heroism, sacrifice, and excitement. Disney+ has set a wonderful path for season 2 and given us a hint of what is to come in that season as well.

The Mandalorian Season Finale – “Redemption”

The season finale of the Mandalorian is everything that we wanted to see. Baby Yoda in action, Mando’s face, name and backstory (God knows how much we wanted this), vengeance for Kuiil, and an epic cliffhanger. It’s how the show has set a course to a greater season 2 that we like everything about the ending.

We also see Moff Gideon turning out into an absolute mysterious badass (especially that last scene). Then, we are also bombarded with references of the past battles in Star Wars canon. There is a whole story behind the Darksaber, a weapon originally used by the first Jedi from Mandalore.

Next, we hear about a great past battle between the Mandalorians and the Jedi knights. Even though the show is a canon series, it’s absolute excitement when a show references past/future events. For example, the episode where Anakin Skywalker sees his dark side in Clone Wars really got us going. Anyways, we are most likely going to see the history of how the Darksaber ends up in the hands of the Imperial.

The Season 2 Is All Set Already!

We can see several endings of The Mandalorian season finale that can take the next season to a wild start. There is the story of returning baby Yoda to his home planet. There is a story about Moff Gideon possibly being a Sith or just a force wielder. Finally, there is the story for Pedro Pascal’s Mando. Luckily, we wouldn’t be calling him “Mando” or “the Mandalorian” in the coming season, now that we know his name. Din Djarin, the foundling of the Mandalorian, also reveals his face. Chapter eight is rightly called Redemption, as it gives a substantive finale, closing minor arcs and opening new ones for later.

Marvelous Character Sequences

We see the season finale episode of The Mandalorian start with Greef Karga, Cara Dune, and Djarin trapped inside the cantina. However, with Kuiil dead and the Child in the hands of troopers, who gets to save the little guy? IG-11 himself. The droid has one of the best character developments in the story and it is sad that we cannot talk about it without giving away spoilers. The way the droid goes out in a blast is how he redeems himself for being a second away to blow the 50-year-old-baby’s brains out.

We also see the armorer, who used to turn Beskar into majestic armor plating for the Mandalorians. The mysterious figure always gave a look of badass, and she proved her worth quite right. Unknown how the fight ended, she did give a sign that no one can tame her without taking her down.

Next, when Karga said “maybe, it will take care of you,” he did not say this without any backing. The baby Yoda proved himself to be incredibly helpful, especially when the team was trapped inside a burning cantina. Standing in front of the flame trooper, the baby did what he does best: save Mando.

The Mandalorian Season Finale Conclusion

There is so much that can happen now in next season as the season finale of The Mandalorian ends at a high note. The show remains to be completely about how a lonely bounty hunter meets a child who will now protect him from whatever comes their way. The main storyline now pushes for even further excitement with the Darksaber now in it.

Returning next year in fall 2020,  let’s hope that we do not get to see irrelevant filler episodes on repeat this time. Season 1 of the show has set a great momentum and with its success, things should definitely go up from here!

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