The Reality House Season 2 Release Date Released

The Reality House Season 2 Release Date Released

Youtubers have their way of staying relevant. The Reality House is another example of how the community takes care of each other. The show premiered in early 2019 for its first season. It is hosted by YouTube channel KianandJC, run by Kian Lawley and JC Caylen. In July 2019, the YouTubers announced a $25,000 prize to whoever wins the series. In season one, there were 13 contestants. You can watch the first season on their YouTube channel.

This week though, the YouTubers announced the release date of the second season. The show premieres on January 10th, 2020. Isn’t that exciting? Also, we don’t have to tell you how relieving it is to not wait an entire year.

After the first season ended in September, fans had an extremely positive reaction and wanted more. Kian and JC, not disappointing their fans, delivered!

What to expect from The Reality House Season 2

There are so many exciting this about this new season that we are looking forward to!

When talking about the cast, we found out that some of our favorite names like Yousaf Erakat (fouseyTUBE) and Manny Mua will be featuring in the second season. There are other YouTubers involved too!

YouTubers like Lena the plug and Kombucha Girl are also to be a part of this show. Even Kian Lawley’s sister Tab Lawley. There are so many different YouTubers starring in this second season that we don’t know who to root for. They’re all differently known in their specific genres so it’s also refreshing.

The best friends and YouTubers, Kian and JC have teased us a lot on their Instagram account regarding the show during it’s making. This has built our excitement to actually watch the show. In a recent tweet, Kian and JC had the following to say.


YES, WE ARE READY. This is just amazing!

The first season was so entertaining and thus, successful. We are so looking forward to the new season. The two are very creative with their ideas and there is no match to their collective BFF power.

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