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Chernobyl Survivor Claims She Had To Move Home Due To The Show

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Right when the ‘Chernobyl’ series started on HBO, it gathered huge popularity. In fact, Google claims that it is one of the ten most-watched shows this year in 2019. Apparently, we are all keen to hear exactly what happened in 1985 when Reactor III blew. Its popularity is rightly deserved as the show, starring Jared Harris, also won a few Emmy awards. While the show has gathered a lot of fans, some are not satisfied with the accuracy of the story. One person in particular even had to shift her home to escape the accusations which followed.

Lyudmila Ignatenko From Chernobyl Series Had To Move

Rewatching the show, we can see that there was a second story playing next to the main storyline. Lyudmilla Ignatenko, starring Jessie Buckley, kept visiting her husband who was heavily exposed to the reactor radiation. Unaware that the radiation from her husband will cause damage to her unborn child, Lyudmila even lies to a nurse when she asks her if she is pregnant. In the end, the child dies hours after birth, absorbing all the radiation from the father who died due to severe radiation within days after the incident.

The real-life Lyudmilla has something to say about this:

“They were asking me why I had been at my husband’s bedside knowing that I was pregnant at the time. But tell me, how could I leave him? I thought my baby was safe inside me. We didn’t know anything about radiation then.”

The real-life Lyudmilla still lives in Ukraine, and during an interview with BBC, she claimed that everything was not entirely accurate. She even said when HBO approached her for her story, the show had already been filmed. They wanted to offer her $3000 for her story, which she never accepted. In fact, she said that Ignatenko hung up on the representative.

Chernobyl Series, starring Jared Harris, is probably not bothered by her claims now that the show is a huge success. However, Lyudmilla Ignatenko refuses to watch the show since it is “very hard” to do so. She said that not everything is depicted truly and there are moments she can point out as false.

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