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Is ‘Star Wars: The Rise of Skywalker’ Lowest Rated Sequel?

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The new Star Wars movie, “The Rise of Skywalker”, is out for the last six days and critics have already formed their opinion. J J Abrams and George Lucas did their best to hype up the movie. This is the final Star Wars sequel that we will ever get to see. I mean, this marks the end of everything related to Star Wars so far as the storyline is concerned. Taking place after 2017’s ‘The Last Jedi’, was there anything special about the new movie? Let’s find out what critics are saying.

Some Claim That ‘Star Wars The Rise of Skywalker’ Has Nostalgia On Repeat

Peter Bradshaw of The Guardian wrote that the new trilogy focussed more on nostalgia and paying tribute to fan-fictions. Whereas, Kirsten Acuna of Insider writes that the TROS storyline had something similar to Revenge of the Sith and Return of the Jedi. She even mentioned “beat for beat” while writing her review.

Some Claimed That Movie Was Going Too Fast

Katie Walsh of Chicago Tribune really had something to say about the new Star Wars movie. She writes:

“It’s the execution that fails ‘The Rise of Skywalker,’ which is a harried and hectic affair. Abrams hits the gas on this space race right away and never pauses to let a single emotion land…”

International Policy Digest also wrote similar to Walsh’s opinion. They also claim that a lot of the storyline was crammed inside two-and-a-half hours. It seems a lot of people are concerned about the lack of character development for several roles.

Some Have Even Called It Downright Worst Film In The Series

Polygon and ReelViews have a really cold opinion about the new Star Wars movie.

“It’s too bad that the Star Wars saga has saved the worst for last,”

said, James Berardinelli from the latter digital media. Whereas, Tasha Robinson from Polygon said:

“Having the people in charge of Star Wars’ legacy acknowledging their own inability to move forward is a sad way for the story to end.”

Fortunately, Star Wars The Rise of Skywalker Also Gathered Praises

A lot of other critics have tried their best to save the movie from going completely down the drain. Media companies such as CinemaBlend, Geeks of Color, and The Boston Globe have given numerous praises, claiming that the movie has beautiful scenes and shots. Giving credits to sequences, visuals, and also some moments of brilliance.

Due to these up and down responses, ‘Star Wars: The Rise of Skywalker’ got a lukewarm rating. Perhaps it is best if you just go and watch the movie by yourself rather than focussing on critics.

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