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Shocking Facebook Location Tracking Service Secrets Revealed

Facebook can see you even if you disable the option.

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An inquiry led by Sen Josh Hawley, R-Mo, and Chris Coons, D-Del asked Facebook to respect users’ privacy.  In response, Facebook CEO Mark Zuckerberg has admitted to tracking it’s users even with the Facebook Location Tracking services turned off. Is this a breach of privacy policy? We don’t really know but it’s certainly not comforting to know.

Why is Facebook Tracking us and How can they Find Someone’s Location with the Setting disabled?

In response to the questions, the company tries to explain the need for tracking the user’s location against their will. What’s the excuse? Well, it’s Facebook ads. According to the social-media giant, Facebook location tracking helps in targeted ads.

Opting to disable Facebook tracking does not allow us to turn-off location-based ads. According to the response letter:

By necessity, virtually all ads on Facebook are targeted based on location. Most commonly ads are targeted to people with a particular city or some larger region. Otherwise, people in Washington, D.C. would receive ads for services or events in London, and vice versa.

Facebook says that even when they disable Facebook location services, the users still give away their general location. The company can access it via location tag on photos and IP address and that’s how they target Facebook ads. They say it also helps in pinpointing unauthorized logins and the spread of false information.

People are calling Facebook out

These responses aren’t satisfactory for some. US Presidential candidate Andrew Yang speaks out on the issue of Facebook Location Tracking:

Your data is your property. Tech companies should absolutely not be allowed to use it without your permission.

Josh Hawley, a US Senator, thinks that Facebook’s Location tracking is quite deceptive. He Tweets:

I appreciate Facebook’s attempts to inform users about their privacy choices. However, I am concerned that these efforts are insufficient and even misleading in light of how Facebook is actually treating user data.  The American people deserve to know how tech companies use their data (Facebook Location Tracking) and I will continue working to find solutions to protect Americans’ sensitive information.

Now I understand that tech giants like Facebook need money to survive but keeping the users in dark is not the way to go. There is a need for complete transparency or the trust deficit will force people like myself to deactivate the account and uninstall Facebook.

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