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Is Rihanna’s Album R9 Coming Out Soon After This Potential Teaser?

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Once upon a time, Rihanna promised that she will drop her next album in 2018. Since March, the only person who has listened to her latest, yet-to-be-released album is an eight-month-old baby. Now, while that is incredibly helpful to all of us, Rihanna is also making it her mission to keep her new music album a secret. It was back in December 2018 when the Fenty Beauty owner announced that her next album, R9, is coming in 2019. With less than a week left in 2019, she posted something that has got us thinking again.

Rihanna Is Listening to R9 Album All By Herself!

Rihanna is in the mood for teasing all of us with her album. Little does she know how anxious she makes us feel since there are literally 7 days left for the year to end. In her latest Instagram post, she said something that is raising our eyebrows:

The caption reads:

“update: me listening to R9 by myself and refusing to release it”

Rihanna said that the doggie is her listening to one of her songs in the new R9 music album. Judging by the way how the little dog is bobbing her head, it seems that the new album is going to be an absolute banger.

Rihanna’s last album dropped in very early 2016, called ‘Anti’. She is majorly focusing on starring in movies and working for her beauty and lingerie products.

Right now there is no official release date from the star of ‘Ocean’s 8’. Fans are only piecing together the clues they are getting from Rihanna’s interviews and other media sources. One user @naomilenoir really lost her patience when Riri posted the short video above. The user resided to using all-caps to express her emotions.

“we still bumping to love on the brainnnnnn gurllllll still bumping MF ANTIIIII!! WHAT IS YOU GIVING??!! WE NEED NEW MUSIICCCCC like years ago gurllll!! We all got fenty panties and bras and no damn new music from you to twirl in Ms. Thang!”

Honestly, we do believe that the user has made a really valid point here.

With only a few days left till 2020, is Rihanna’s Instagram post a signal that R9 music album is coming out really soon? We would like to think so, at least.

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