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Kumail Nanjiani Receives Offer To Be A Male Host Due To His Buff Body

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As if he is getting hyped even before the release of Eternals movie, Kumail Nanjiani is getting really famous. Not that people did not know him before, the guy is in Silicon Valley and starred alongside Bautista in Stuber. Now, Nanjiani is also getting eyes from other forms of fame, such as an opportunity to be a male stripper!

This is one of the effects of signing up with one of the top filming industries in the world. Nanjiani recently posted a photo of his jacked-up body. He gave credits to his wife, trainer, and others for making him fit the role of a superhero where having muscles is a norm. Seeing his progress in the gym to turn out incredibly sweet, the star took to Instagram to post a couple of ripped photos of his upper body.

Kumail Nanjiani’s $15,000 Offer!

Nanjiani is a constantly rising star due to his previous list of performances in shows and movies. Moreover, his recent Instagram photos really caught someone’s attention in particular. Screenrant is reporting that Andrew Zarian Vice President of Sapphire Gentleman’s Club has approached Kumail to host a show for him.

“I know you’ve worked way too hard for way too long, and this would be quite the accoldae to add to your growing resume. In return for your “services” we’d compensate you up to $15,000, which you can donate to a charity of your choice.”

This is an excerpt from the letter posted on the Internet on multiple forums. Although we do not yet know about the authenticity of the report. It would be absolutely mad if this turns out to be a fact!

These days, it is really common for Hollywood men to have a somewhat well-shaped body, or even have it jacked up. Notable examples include Chris Pratt, Chris Evans or Chris Hemsworth. However, in Kumail Nanjiani’s case, he has mostly starred as timid roles, acting an average guy with a great sense of humor in movies and shows. Therefore, it is quite notable when we see his buffed-up body. The star gives the credits to Marvel studios, without which this level of transformation would not have been possible.

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