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‘The Irishman’ Might Be Martin Scorsese’s Last Movie

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The gangster film ‘The Irishman’ is Martin Scorsese’s first in terms of releasing on Netflix. Starring Robert De Niro and Al Pacino, the classical movie might just be the director’s last movie ever. The 77-year old man said that he has other things that we want to do.

‘The Irishman’ Got Little Room From Other Superhero Movies

The Guardian’s Andrew Pulver held an interview with the Oscar-winning director. When asked about his recent comments on Marvel’s superhero movies, he explained it by:

“…theatres have been commandeered by superhero films – you know, just people flying around and banging and crashing, which is fine if you want to see it. It’s just that there’s no room for another kind of picture.”

He then added that because of this, there is a possibility that Robert De Niro’s ‘The Irishman’ might be his last project. He explained that superhero movies are grabbing all the screens in a cinema. “You have 12 screens – and 11 are a superhero film.”

Netflix Movies Show How People Will Watch Future Movies Will Be

Later, the interviewer asked Martin Scorsese if he anticipated the success of his latest movie on Netflix. He answered that he knew that the movie would be majorly seen on the streaming service. At that point, his team and the producers only wanted to finish the filming and to receive financing. Martin Scorsese feels that he has reached an end to a long and lengthy ride and now it is time to embrace that future will be a lot different:

“I know that I’m at the end of a long, long ride. The main thing is to get the film made and to embrace this new world of how these pictures are going to be seen.”

Apart from ‘The Irishman’, Martin Scorsese is also an executive producer for ‘Happy as Lazarro’. He explained his limited role by saying that in his 70-plus age he had other things to do.

“Time is of the most value, right? I put my name on the line and say ‘Yes, I think you should see this picture.'”

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