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V Wars Number 1 Show in Germany Shares Ian Somerhalder

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It’s been a while since Netflix show V Wars came out and we have been all for it. Our Vampire; Damon Salvatore from Vampire Diaries playing human, the whole “vampirism is a virus” narrative is definitely interesting. But is seems that, Germany beats the entire world in its devotion towards the latest vampire show in town. On December 19th, Ian Somerhalder who plays Dr. Luther Swann in the series, shared this on his Instagram.


Not only that, but Somerhalder also reached a milestone in Top Actors after the release of this new Netflix series.

Isn’t that huge?

It is definitely worth a try as the series gives a new perspective to the myth of vampires.

Have you watched the V Wars series yet?

It is based on the V Wars book series by Jonathan Maberry. He wrote the books presenting the transition to vampirism as a virus. People get infected, they become vampires. It’s a unique take on vampires.

Here’s a thing to expect when watching the V Wars. (Spoilers ahead!)

Ian Somerhalder plays human Dr. Luther Swann. He is desperate to find the cure for the virus as his best friend is infected. The role of the best friend (Michael Fayne) is played by Adrian Holmes. The two are inseparable!

Dr. Luther Swann is married and has a kid! Little Dez Swann is adorable. It is also very refreshing to see our local vampire, be a human.

You may find Nikki Reed in the show. Nikki Reed is Ian’s wife and most may know her as Rosalie in Twilight. The two married in 2015 and have a 2-year-old daughter. In the series however, the Twilight Star plays the role of Ian’s ex-wife. (SHOCKER)

According to fans, V Wars is amazing!




Most fans just cannot wait for Netflix to announce the renewal of the show!


Isn’t that a bit, harsh? Well, maybe it’s justified. Watch V Wars on Netflix now, if you haven’t already and let us know!

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