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Lizzo Calls Out Tomi Lahren For Supporting Donald Trump

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Lizzo has blasted Tomi Lahren after the two had a little go at each other on Twitter. Tomi Lahren is a political commentator working for Fox News, describing herself as “constitutional conservative”. Though, Lahren is vocal about her views. People often criticize her for her political views. Lizzo joined that bandwagon recently.

Lizzo Reminds Lahren “People Like Her” Fuel Hatred

The story starts when Lizzo reposted an old tweet regarding Trump. The most powerful man in the world is under threat of impeachment as the Lower House of the U.S government voted for impeachment. Now the charges will move on to the Upper House, or Senate. Upon the arrival of the voting results, Lizzo posted the following:


Tomi Lahren of Fox (a channel apparently supporting the Republican Party), quoted Lizzo’s tweet to… make her face the “truth”:


Lahren could not deal with the Democrats coming out to support the impeachment decision. She even used Lizzo’s famous title “Truth Hurts” against the singer to make a point.

Though, the mere fact that Donald is now stamped with impeachment is enough of a win for Liberals. This means that the President will have to go into the next elections as an impeached candidate, which can possibly hurt his reputation. In a perfect scenario, if the Senate’s 2/3rd votes go to support of charges, then President Trump will have to step down from office.

Seeing Lizzo, she is definitely not the type to stay silent when anyone calls her out. Hence, she responded:

“The only thing that hurts is this country is divided by hatred fueled from people like you..”

Tomi Gets The Last Word

Unfortunately for Lizzo, Lahren had the final response up her sleeve. After this, the host responded by:

Tomi Lahren reminds the pop star that people like her are only looking to nullify the 2016 elections. Rather, they should be pushing to make the November 2020 elections better.

While this is a debate that has taken too much online space, one thing is for sure is how divided the country has become after the recent impeachment results.

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