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Trump is Synonymous with “idiot” on Google Thanks to British Wit

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If you Google the world ‘idiot’, the top image result is a picture of President Donald Trump.  In fact, Donald Trump’s face appears multiple times if you search the word ‘idiot’ on Google Images. To be exact, its there in 6 of the top 15 searches.

Even when we would say that Trump and his actions are solely responsible for this, it might also be credited to the British protestors in London. Almost three of the images of Trump tied to the word ‘idiot’ are a consequence of articles published to protest Donald Trump’s visit last week. The New Yorker, Popsugar and Official charts featured ‘American Idiot’ in headlines with images of Trump. But what they didn’t expect was that it would feature high in the results.

Ironically, this was something that Donald Trump never expected. Ever since he came into office, he has repeatedly described himself using chosen words. Commonly, they include ‘a flexible person’, ‘like really smart’ and ‘very stable genius’. To go to a bit extreme, President Trump has even called himself ‘more presidential than any president that’s ever held this office’.

Despite all the self-praise that Donald Trump envelopes himself in, let’s just say not everyone is on board with him. Very frequently, he becomes the target of press humiliation and mockery. Either he would keep the Queen waiting for scheduled tea, or get schooled by a children’s book writer on twitter or get attacked by a comedian. There is just always something that President Trump embarrasses himself with.

Recently, with world’s most popular search engine viewing the President as much less of the stable genius that he claims himself to be, it’s gotten too much. It is important to consider that Google search results do consider a lot of factors. Like your device, personal search history, location, browser and other variants. But people are having the time of their lives mocking President Trump in appearing on Google search results for ‘idiot’. Hundreds of social media users tried it out for themselves, and expressed their feelings on twitter.

Without a doubt, President Trump won’t be taking this news lightly. People were already making fun of the President for disrespecting the Queen. Even though the royal family has given no words out on Donald Trump, Britain is not that easy.

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