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Trisha Paytas Releases Hot Girl Christmas & It’s Surprisingly Good

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Christmas celebrations are not complete without some upbeat Christmas music with just the right jingle. Like always, Trisha Paytas is not coming slow. Every year, the YouTuber and model releases an original Christmas song just in time. This year, we have the sizzling ‘Hot Girl Christmas’ by Trisha Paytas.

Trisha Paytas releases Christmas Song

Trisha is not only famous for her mukbangs, dramas, or rants on the kitchen floor. She is also a music artist and singer with a collection of hit songs.

Her songs have millions of views on YouTube. Her hit track ‘Fat Chicks’  has over 12 million views. And her song ‘Freaky’ scored 6.8 million views.

And her music is always in time for Christmas. Her first xmas song was ‘Santa Baby’ that released five years ago. She also sang ‘Christmas Sucks’ and ‘Merry Trishmas.’

This year it’s ‘Hot Girl Christmas’- super fun and festive track by Trisha. And it’s doing pretty well too.

The YouTuber/singer just shared her happiness on Twitter.


Oh, we’re loving the lyrics of ‘Hot Girl Christmas’… “Boy’s are just as fake as Santa.”

Or this savage verse that might have something to do with Jason Nash:

Had a boyfriend at the start of the year
He was just about as real as a flying reindeer

And we really love this line too. So Trisha!

Girl should eat good, yeah, I love my love handles
I’m a lot to handle, lit like a candle

Hot Girl Christmas Music Video

Let’s talk about the music video. First, it’s important to make it clear that it’s not age-appropriate. You see a sexily-clad Trisha Paytas romancing a Santa Claus after all.

But the video is fun no doubt. The costumes and sets are amazing. And Trisha really does know how to dance. One major highlight of the video is Trisha flying on a decorated Christmas tree!

Have you seen it yet? What do you think about Hot Girl Christmas?


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