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Penn Badgley Doesn’t Want Girls Romanticising Him in Netflix ‘You’

It seems even Netflix is taking some steps.

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Netflix romance-thriller ‘You’ is making it’s way back to our screens on December 26. And the extended trailer is ‘creepiness galore!’ The good news is ‘You’ Season 2 might have a crucial purpose that even motivated Penn Badgley to do it.

Netflix ‘You’ lead, Penn Badgley, does not want girls to romanticize him

There’s a fair share of girls currently swooning over Joe Goldberg in ‘You’ played by Penn Badgley. Yes, he is cute and book-ish like some girls like their men to be. But he has ‘major’ mental issues. He is a classic sociopath AND a serial-killer.

Joe Goldberg has committed serious crimes like stealing, breaching privacy, impersonation, kidnap, torture, and even murder. We just realized those are literally all the crimes one can immediately think of.

But, considering he does it all in the name of ‘love’ has derailed some girls who now see him as “the good guy.” In fact, Cosmopolitan shared some images from their Facebook page with these comments.



Penn Badgley’s response to fan-girls

I surely don’t think one needs to love Joe Goldberg, but Penn Badgley should be loved for taking an initiative.

While girls swooned on Twitter over the psychotic character he plays in the Netflix ‘You’ series, the actor decided to talk to them.

He shot back with facts like, “He is a murderer” when a girl shared how she fancies Joe in ‘You’.

In another tweet, he reinforced that his character of stalkerish ‘Joe Goldberg’ is “full of problems”

When a girl tweeted “kidnap me pls” and mentioned him, Badgley responded with a “no thnx” to express his disdain for the act.

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Badgley made it abundantly clear the Netflix show and himself do not endorse the kind of guy ‘Joe Goldberg’ is. He got super direct when replying to another tweet:


Another Twitter user highlighted how scary it is that so many girls romanticize this toxic serial-killer. Penn Badgley shared that he feels the same way. And that gives him much-needed motivation for ‘You’ Season 2.

‘You’ Season 2 Highlighting The Issue of Gender Violence?

Apart from Penn Badgley promoting the right message for girls, it seems that ‘You’ is working to build an important narrative against gender-violence or toxic partners.

We just had a look at Badgley’s offical Instagram. While he has promoted ‘You’ Season 2, he adds that he’s “thinking deeply about gender-based violence.”



He even mentions the Tahirih Justice Center that serves to protect women and refers to them as a “useful resource.”

Netflix takes a step to convey just how creepy Joe really is

Recently the streaming service created and posted a video about ‘You’.

It a series of scenes showing Joe and Beck’s relationship, minus his inner thoughts. Completely muted, and without his monologue- Joe Goldberg is even creepier!

The purpose of the video is to highlight all that is completely wrong with him as a guy and a character.

Watch for yourself:


And a hint in the ‘You’ Season 2 trailer

In the extended trailer, Joe’s ex-lover Candace is heard warning his current-girlfriend.

If he loves you, that’s the most dangerous thing.

This was my favorite line in the trailer from the Netflix ‘You’ trailer. The tv-show is clearly working to convey a powerful message about toxic relationships. The highlight here is that a ‘love’ this obsessive, is nothing but dangerous.

If the show aims to wisely handle the sensitive subject keeping a bigger, better purpose in mind, I’m here to vouch for it.

The last thing young girls need is to pine over a serial-killer socio-path for his good looks, charm, or crazy form of love. If ‘You’ Season 2 manages to ‘educate’ the audience about abuse and gender-based violence, then it’s a step in the right direction.

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