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Top Gun: Maverick Trailer 2 | What’s New in it?

Tom Cruise is now a test-pilot too.

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Trailer 2 to Top Gun: Maverick is out now and it has some new details in it. It also sees Tom Cruise’s Lieutenant Pete Mitchell fly an earthshaking hypersonic aircraft that answers another important question. Star of Jack Reacher movies will be flying again.

Tom Cruise starer Top Gun: Maverick | New Trailer, Plot-line and Release date

Much-hyped sequel to Tom Cruise movie is finally coming to the big screens after more than 3 decades. Jennifer Connelly, Miles Teller, and Glen Powell co-starer Top Gun: Maverick is all set for a June 26, 2020 release date and trailer 2 reveals some important information.

One of the mysteries from the previous trailer was Tom Cruise’s pressurized suit. This kind of gear is mostly used in higher altitudes and that’s probably what’s happening in Top Gun: Maverick as well. Tom Cruise is wearing the same suit as he flies over a field in this new stealthy hypersonic aircraft. Whats this new flying machine? Well, we don’t know much about it but it looks similar to Lockheed F-117 Nighthawk.

This might also be the answer to another highly-asked question. The initial teaser made some people ask “What is Tom Cruise’s Lt. Pete still doing in the Navy after 30 years?”. Looks like Top Gun: Maverick will see him performing the duties of a test-pilot too.

Seems like Pete is in charge of a group of young pilots, Miles Teller being one of them. A mid-air dogfight scene in new Top Gun: Maverick movie trailer confirms there’s an actual enemy and it’s not just a training.

The overall feel of the Top Gun movie new teaser is quite promising and I think it will also replicate some of the most amazing dogfight scenes from its predecessor.

Top Gun: Maverick revolves around Tom Cruise’s Mitchell who is a flight-instructor and probably a test-pilot too and is dealing with some personal issues of his own. What’s the release date? It was initially in July but now it is June of next year.


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