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Fans React As Pewdiepie Quits Twitter After Announcing YouTube Hiatus

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The YouTube community is in mixed emotions as the biggest vlogger on YouTube decided to go on a break. Felix Kjellberg, or Pewdiepie, said that he feels tired in one of his recent videos. The Youtuber revealed that he will go on a break early in the next year. As we prepare ourselves for weeks/months without Pewdiepie or his controversies, he quit Twitter. Fans now react to this sudden decision that none of us expected.

Fans React to Pewdiepie’s YouTube Break and Twitter Quit

This past Sunday YouTuber Pewdiepie announced that he will be quitting Twitter. He made a video about it, giving detailed reasons for his decision.

In a different video, Pewdiepie mentioned that he is going a break from YouTube. He said that he will explain the reason later when the time is near. However, news media like DailyMail and others boosted the news to their own advantage. By announcing that he is QUITTING YouTube and Twitter, Pewdiepie thinks these news agencies are careless.

Right now, Pewdiepie has only left Twitter. He reasons that he really does not like the constant misinformation that goes on there. People can’t resist pointing out what is good and what is bad.

After clearing all his Tweets, he also moved to remove all of his following from the list. His account currently displays 3 hidden following and zero tweets. On the search list, his account tells that Pewdiepie is no longer on Twitter. Whereas, this account remains only to avoid people from making his fake profiles.

News Media Spread Lies For Clickbait

Punit, in his Tweet above clearly knows how media uses Felix’s Internet fame for clickbait. It is not the first time when digital news agencies stirred up fake or plastered news to lift themselves by bringing down Pewdiepie.

Pewdiepie even made a video about it recently to clear the confusion about YouTube and Twitter.

God knows how much do we miss his signature bro-fist which he stopped doing for some reason.

Pewdiepie’s decision to leave Twitter might be true and it might remain permanent. However, we are lucky that his YouTube break is only just a break and for a short period of time. As fans react to this news, which clearly comes with its own reasons, will this influence him to return earlier than expected? Probably not.

After giving us non-stop videos for 10 years, reducing his honeymoon to just five days, it is our job to let him as much of a break as he wants.

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