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Will A Stand Alone Villain Movie for Marvel Work In The Case of Magneto?

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After Joker’s success in the Box Office, there are rumors that DC Universe is considering more supervillain releases. This will shift DC to a more adult-oriented and PG-rated version of movies. While all that is up for debate, one must also think about their counterpart, Marvel, who has yet to release even a single villain-centered movie. A stand-alone movie for any of its supervillains, currently, does not exist and there are no talks of it either. Even in the case of Thanos, he received the spotlight only in the final two movies however, it may be. But, one character might do well in this regard: Magneto. Hear us out!

Can Magneto Do Well in Marvel’s Stand-Alone Villain Movie?

Marvel is always criticized for its failure (or resistance) to work on villain movies. DC, on the other hand, has always enjoyed displaying its villains in the center. Even in comics, there are a lot of instances where Joker and Harley Quinn have taken center stage. In fact, DC is an expert in making dark comics, stirring away from traditional superhero comics. This eventually helps the audience and fans think more about every character, may it be a superhero or villain.

While some people argue that Marvel movies should include villains by now, others counter that Marvel aims to serve the “light”. To give out a message that that positivity will always prevail, Marvel makes its supervillains succumb to mighty heroes of justice. In the case of Magneto, there is some mix that can turn things around.

Stand-alone movie for Magneto can perhaps be possible since the character tends to switch its role from bad to good. This looks even more promising seeing that Fox and Disney are planning a merger.

Getting More into Details

Magneto is not a villain in his entire story, he keeps shifting back and forth. This is mostly due to his back story where his family is killed in the Holocaust. This makes him prioritize mutants more than anything else, which makes his decisions change from time to time.

Oftentimes, he becomes an adversary for Professor Xavier, who constantly tries to reason with him. While Magneto believes that mutants should decide the fate of all humankind, his life experience makes his decisions tough for normal humans. There are also instances where he comes to save the day, which gives a further reason to believe he can and will change. However, generally, he is considered a villain.

Therefore, if a stand-alone movie of Magneto comes, fans might just welcome it. Marvel Endgame taught us a lesson that even egoistic, narcisstic and complicated people like Tony Stark can sacrifice something to save the day. If such people-changing storylines exist, why can it not work for Magneto who deals with similar thoughts?

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