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Keemstar’s Sources Say Tana Mongeau & Jake Paul MTV Show is Cancelled

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Tana Mongeau is on cloud nine. The past weekend she won the biggest Streamys award which is her biggest achievement so far. Recently Tana Mongeau and Jake Paul also announced their upcoming MTV show ‘Bustedness’. The duo had been working on this show for a long time, and fans were excited to find out more. Well, YouTuber Keemstar says, his sources say, the show is canceled. What?!

Tana Mongeau & Jake Paul MTV Show Cancelled?

According to ‘Drama Alert’ YouTuber Keemstar, there is no more need to be eager. The show is cancelled, he says.

He tweeted that he got this information from an anonymous source.

Anon Source: Jake Paul & Tana’s MTV show was canceled after announcement 3 days ago.

He also added:

MTV executives did not care for Tana according to source.


Mike Majlak denies Keemstar claims

Mike has also been working on the show along with Tana and Jake. In fact, Mike is also the co-host of Logan Paul’s podcast ‘Impaulsive.’

He slammed back at Keemstar’s ‘news’ tweet to clarify it. According to Mike, the pilot episodes had been made, and there was no contract yet. Then how could it be canceled?

Keemstar again responded with the same energy, repeating the news. He said,

Correct me if I’m wrong but Jake Paul was posting & bragging on social media that he “got” a new MTV show “coming out” its not coming out cus it was cancelled!

More scoop on the Jana show ‘cancellation’

A Twitter user dropped into the conversation with a fact that helped to clear things out. He/she stated that if you pay attention Tana had said: “we are filming the pilot” on her social media stories.

Mike Majlak again replied to express his disagreement with Keemstar’s claims.

That last point by Mike Majlak makes complete sense. But then again, Drama Alert is all about ‘drama’ with extra spice, so how can we entirely blame Keemstar? The real question is if we will ever watch ‘Bustedness’ by Jake Paul and Tana Mongeau.

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