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Here is What We Think About Star Wars X Fortnite Mini Event

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When you hear that one of the most-hyped movies is coming to one of the biggest games of this year, you might think this is special right? Well, I thought so as well. I mean, when people talk about Fortnite, all they do is tell how Bugha won a USD 3 million cash prize from its world cup. That, by the way, is the biggest reward in e-gaming history. So, what happened in this special Star Wars X Fortnite event which even featured J J Abrams? Did something go wrong?

Fortnite X Star Wars Event Was A Flop?

I mean, I regularly play Fortnite, I try to complete every challenge and I grind my way to unlock max tier skin in Level 100. This is coming from someone who has never missed a single Fortnite event. Super excited as I was, I logged in 45 minutes early to start playing Team Rumble (20v20) format. However, little did I know that Epic Games had crapped on the game yet again. My game kept crashing and when it was time to finally see the event, I got locked out of the server.

That is okay. Perhaps my computer is not good enough, so I should open Twitch TV and watch streams from Sypher PK, or Tim the Tatman, etc. But wait, even their games crashed, and boy were they sour about it. In fact, stream chats showed that there were several game-crashes across regions. The Fortnite X Star Wars event has become sour already.

I finally found a stream-worthy pro player so I could watch his game and so, the Fortnite event begins. TIE fighters are chasing the Millenium Falcon, a fight which it wins obviously. After the Falcon lands, a Stormtrooper voiced by Ben Schwartz walks out. The host, Geoff Keighley then announces to invite J J Abrams on the stage, who comes with his own special skin. They then proceed to show a merely 30 second “exclusive” clip of Star Wars: The Rise of Skywalker. The clips revealed nothing.

The ‘Exclusive’ Footage

I know that there was never supposed to be something special in those revealed clips. However, they could have at least lived up to the hype which they created. We had a sequence of updates coming to Fortnite that were leading up to changes in Risky Reels. The Star Wars event started off with a bang but really became damp when the secret footage played. The videos were just, plain unworthy.

Past Fortnite events are so much better and they serve as a memory to us Fortnite players due to which we keep the game close to our hearts. This event is average, with the only conclusion being that perhaps things will be better in the final major event.

When we get that. If we get that. We ARE getting that, right?

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