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Baby Yoda Calls Out Baby Groot On Saturday Night Live

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There have been only a few movie and TV show characters that have truly taken over the Internet the way Baby Yoda did. The green alien, whom we like to think is Yoda, has broken the Internet in such a way that almost everyone is crazy over him. Starring in the Star Wars show, The Mandalorian, baby Yoda is adorable and is incredibly meme-worthy. So, it shouldn’t be a surprise when the little one is “invited” on Saturday Night Live. Plus, with this much fanbase, even if he calls out baby Groot during the show, it shouldn’t matter. Right?

Baby Yoda and the Baby Groot Story

First off, here is the full interview of the cute and cuddly baby Groot all cozied up in his cart:

Michael Che begins his interview thinking that he is sitting with the real baby Yoda. Little does he know that the fame which youngling received has ‘changed’ him to a certain degree.

With Kyle Mooney all painted green, the little one starts off with trying to be cute and swoon the audience with his baby laughs and giggles. When Michael exclaims “this is so cute man!” the young one suddenly responded: “Yeah, you like that Che?” We see a sudden silence.

Baby Yoda admits that he has been blessed. There has been a huge reaction from the audience and the social media world right after episode 1 of the show. Pedro Pascal’s The Mandalorian is about a bounty hunter looking after this 50-year old baby from the Yoda species, and the fans love it.

So when this Baby Yoda goes a little wild and starts talking about benefits he is getting from the show, he makes sure to call out his haters. To be very specific, hater. He warns Baby Groot from Marvel’s Guardians of the Galaxy to keep a distance from him. He tells him not to take his name if he wants to stay safe.

Baby Yoda tells us he has a lot of merchandise coming to online stores and shops. He wants to protect his newfound and sudden fame. For now, baby Groot is the real threat he thinks he has. Stay away baby Groot!

Let us know which side you’re on.

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