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Brie Larson challenges Chris Evans for a 3D Word Hunt

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A mind-boggling battle between Miss Marvel and Captain America. Yes, really. Long after the Avengers: Endgame movie, the Marvel stars are engaging in fun activities (when not saving the world). Brie Larson just challenged Chris Evans to solve a 3D word hunt. Will Captain America win or lose in this puzzling match?

Captain Marvel (Brie Larson) challenges Captain America

Over the weekend, Brie Larson, more famous as Captain Marvel, went on Twitter with a little game. She posted a 3D word hunt puzzle and mentioned fellow co-star, Chris Evans, the beloved Captain America.

She directly challenged him to take an attempt. “How many did you find?” Brie tweeted, along with the interesting word puzzle.

It is a three-dimensional grid with vertical and horizontal layers. The challenge is to find as many five-lettered words as you can. But with the condition that the word should contain only those letters that are directly linked to each other with the rod.

The solution actually has 50 words!

Chris Evans is ‘puzzled’

Chris Evans is super confused and has questions. And he is not afraid to admit it. He quote tweeted Brie and said,

Is there a time limit? Cause I’ll stare at this for the next 3 days otherwise. How many did you find? Just so I know what I’m up against.

To this, Brie responded and shared her results so far.

I only had time to look at it for like 40 mins today. I got 23 :/

Well, so far Captain Marvel (Brie) has found 23 out of the total 50 words. And Chris Evans, zero. How heart-warming is it to see our favorite Marvel superheroes solve puzzles together?!

We’re still waiting for Captain America to solve it and share his results. You can do this, Cap!

Meanwhile, we’re going to start the word hunt too. And really, it’s not easy at all.

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