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Trisha Paytas Joker Diet and Weightloss Tips | Kenny KO Reacts!

Kenny KO thinks this diet plan is unhealthy

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Joker’s Joaquin Pheonix lost 52 pounds for the role and looks like Trisha Paytas aka ‘Chicken Nuggets’ wants to do the same. Her latest cringe-worthy video looks less health/fitness-centric and more like an ASMR video. Fitness influencer Kenny KO is the first to react and thinks the diet plan is quite unhealthy.

Kenny KO thinks Trisha Paytas’s diet plan is unhealthy and dangerous

YouTuber Trisha Paytas (4.9 million subscribers) recently shared a video of her awkwardly biting into an apple and lettuce. Her inspiration? Well, the title “I tried the Joker (Joaquin Pheonix) diet for a week” says it all.

YouTuber Kenny KO was the first to react and he is not happy with Trisha Paytas’s fitness and weightloss tips. According to Kenny Boulet, the imitation of the Joker diet involving only apples and lettuce without proper guidance can be harmful.

He points out that the actor from the movie was probably under the watchful eyes of doctors and physicians. Whereas Jason Nash’s ex-girlfriend and most of her followers are unaware of the side-effects this kind of rapid weightloss has on the body. This is what Kenny KO had to say about Trisha Paytas’s version of the Joker diet plan.

The people (followers) who are going to follow this weightloss diet plan will be so malnourished, so unhealthy and will develop all sorts of health complications.

Trisha Paytas has millions of followers and that’s the most alarming part. She needs to realize that she is putting the lives of many of her subscribers in danger by posting such content. Kenny KO addresses this issue as well and I think this is the most important aspect.

She might not be promoting this diet but the fact that millions of subscribers are watching is a promotion itself. Being a social-media influencer Trisha Paytas is also responsible for her fans’ wellbeing.

What Kenny KO is trying to say here is that this diet plan is not healthy at all. It’s something that cannot be and should not be continued for a long duration. It deprives the human body of necessary proteins and will only cause health issues in the long run.

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