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Tana Mongeau Gives Credit To Jordan Worona & Shane Dawson For Streamys Win

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Tana Mongeau was the happiest person at the Streamy Awards 2019. She basically won the ‘Oscar’ of the YouTube World when she took home the Creator of the Year Award. The queen of storytelling, Tana Mongeau has over 5.11 million subscribers on her YouTube channel.  She now holds the Streamys win; the most prestigious award that every content creator dreams of.

Tana Mongeau’s emotional Streamys win

Tana was extremely emotional as she went on stage to receive ‘Creator Of The Year’ for 2019. With tears, she held the award and shared that she had never imagined this to happen.

I stood right here a year ago and I literally held Shane Dawson’s award and the first thing I said to all of you people was like, I will never be creator of the year. I just really wanna say thank you to the only people who saved my life and got me here and that is my fans. And Shane Dawson. So thank you for inspiring me to make this kind of stuff and thank you to my manager Jordan, my team and everybody for supporting me.

Tana later took to Instagram sharing all of her emotions in a long, heartfelt caption about her journey and this milestone.

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i’ve spent the past few days staring at the ceiling replaying every moment of my career wondering how i got this far. honestly after intense contemplation, i have nothing.. as much as i am grateful for this award, i do not and never will feel like “creator of the year”. i’ve never met that mark, i’ve never fit that mold.. i’ve always been the misfit, the outcast, the fuck up.. matter of fact i’ve spent every second of my career KNOWING i’d never be creator of the year.. i held this exact award ONE YEAR AGO, floored that i was even accepting it on behalf of the person that saved my life.. i held it in my hands and said “i know all of you never expected to see me hold a creator of the year award”… for 365 days to go by and to be holding it as my own is the most full circle moment i’ll probably ever feel. it will never feel real. it will never feel like mine- it is yours. i’ve never been so sure that an award show is truly fan voted/not rigged- there is not one person in this industry that could’ve told you two days ago i’d be winning this award. and now they wanna say congratulations……… YOU did this.. i’d like to thank you on behalf of 13 year old me. she made iphone videos hoping that she’d make one of you forget the pain for even one second. she hoped the pain she’d felt would resonate with even one of you. she was just excited Casey Neistat was gonna read her name as a nominee. she would’ve sobbed seeing Shane Dawson cry on a PLATFORM THAT DIDN’T EVEN EXIST YET when he saved her life over an award SHE WON… to be honest i still feel i should be mailing this award to David or Mr. Beast or Emma… this one is for the people who never felt like they’d succeed. who never felt like they’d have a place. thank you for saving me time and time again. thank you for carrying me here. thank you for letting the ups and the downs help us grow. thank you for holding me accountable but cheering on my growth. thank you for growing with me and reminding me it’s okay to be flawed.. here’s to 2020 being for US.. oh and thanks to @jordanworona for believing in me when it was popular not to. i guess.

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Thanking Shane Dawson and Jordan Worona again

It’s no surprise that Tana has thanked Shane Dawson for her Streamys win. After the grand Tanacon fail, he was the only person who enabled Tana to explain.

In a three-part docu-series, Shane had probed into the whole situation that caused the disaster. It was unveiled by the company ‘Good Times Entertainment’, that management of Anaheim Marriott Suites (venue), had a huge part to play.

Essentially, Shane Dawson became the one person who got Tana’s side heard in the public.

She also mentioned her manager again. Jordan Worona has also managed her MTV web-series ‘Tana Turns 21’ and always helped her in decision-making.

Guys, Tana Mongeau thanked her husband Jake Paul as well. In a very understated fashion indeed.

That “oh and jake” did not go unnoticed. And most Tana fans don’t seem to stan the couple at all. They think Tana’s Streamys win was solely her own work without Jake.

Tana certainly did this on her own! Well, we congratulate Tana Mongeau on winning the award and look forward to more content from her in the future.

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