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The Mandalorian Episode 6 Review: Here We Go Again!

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As Mando continues its quest, it seems that the show has become a lot repetitive as we imagined. I mean, after looking at The Mandalorian Episode 6, the review is that it’s going to be just one of those series that you can watch with minimal background knowledge. The Disney+ show is about a guy with a “pet” who is struggling to find a job to travel to the next episode location. During this, he gets double-crossed or betrayed, he fights back and wins, saves Baby Yoda, and goes off to the next episode location. We saw this in episodes four, five and now six. While Pedro Pascal is doing great, what is happening to the show itself?

The Mandalorian Episode 6: The Prisoner

The Disney+ show opens up with Mando arriving to meet an old contact, Ranzar, whom he used to work with. There he discovers his old mercenary group consisting of the following:

  • Former Imperial sharpshooter, *definitely* not a clone, Mayfield.
  • A terribly developed character, knife-blade specialist, and Mando’s former love (I mean how), Xi’an.
  • Group’s muscle, Star Wars’ version of Hell Boy, a Devaronian, Burg.
  • And a droid who thinks it is superior to Mando, Q9-O.

Ranzar wants Mando to work with these people to help a prisoner escape from New Empire’s deep space prison-station. Unfortunately for Mando, all these characters are some of the greatest A-holes on the show. Quite frankly, their stereotypical performance did not hide that fact at all. As told by IndieWire as well, they“spend the rest of their screen time acting out their characters’ one stereotype before inevitably double-crossing the Mandalorian.”

The Action Sequence

We all know that Star Wars typically avoid hand-to-hand combat, but boy did they neglect it even in The Mandalorian episode 6. We, in particular, believed that the show would feature a closer approach to the famous Mandalorians. They may have adopted Pedro Pascal’s character, but he is regarded as one of them. Yet we don’t really know why they are so famous. I mean, everyone talks about how great fighters they are, but… at least the series could have shown some of those fights. Especially in this episode.

May it be fighting, seemingly feather-weighted, droids or taking on his former gang one by one, what we missed in all this “action” was the Mandalorian action itself.

What About Baby Yoda?

The new episode of The Mandalorian saw Baby Yoda having a diminished role. However, we are cool with that because Mando has greater issues to deal with. Then again, what was the point of all that negativity displayed by those mercenaries towards the baby? Right now, we are not sure what they planned to do with him. Kidnap him? Kill him? Or return him to “the Client”? As mentioned earlier, the gange spent much time doing stereotypical A-hole behavior. Hence, there was no explanation.

These last three episodes of this Disney+ show can entirely rearrange themselves. Four can come at the end, while six can shift to the middle, it does not make any difference. Hopefully, the final two episodes will see some plot and character development that we so desperately need to unearth the formidable Mandalorians.

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